AirPods models and their differences

AirPods models and their differences

For some years wireless headphones have been used by most people, because of this companies decide to create new equipment with notable improvements. If you want to know all the AirPods, differences and models, we invite you to continue reading this article.

AirPods models and their differences

  1. Airpods 1
  2. Airpods 2
  3. Airpods 3
  4. Airpods Pro
  5. Airpods Max

AirPods started on the market in 2016, however, being the first devices, they had many details regarding their structure and operation. Over the years, Apple has been improving each device it manufactures in order to meet the needs of its customers and increase the number of sales.

AirPods are not far behind, for all users this type of device is small and comfortable to carry anywhere, even one of its best uses is carried out when exercising inside the gym or outdoors.

If you want to change a song, just by pressing its button you can do it, this is one of the many advantages that they present. Due to all the success of these teams, there is currently a variety that adapts to your needs.

If you plan to buy headphones, you should know that AirPods are the best option. If you have doubts, we leave you everything about AirPods, differences, models so that you also know all their characteristics and advantages.

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AirPods 1

They are also known as the first AirPods or the first generation , because they were the ones who started this new technology at Apple.

Despite being the first, its characteristics and operation are quite good. As soon as you open their case and take them out, they immediately connect to your mobile phone or the device on which they were initially configured.

In addition, when you put them in your ears the sound plays automatically, and when you remove them it pauses, they also allow you to use Siri as an assistant for your activities. In their structure they contain a W1 Apple chip, which allows them to use different optical sensors and, without a doubt, a new technology.

Another very important fact is that its battery can last up to five hours, but it is not the only thing, if they are downloading and you have to leave quickly, you just have to put them in their case for approximately 15 minutes and you will be able to use them for a long time.

They are available for all devices with the iOS operating system, from the iPhone 5s. iPads of the sixth and seventh generation, and is also compatible with MacBooks from the year 2012, depending on their model.

second generation airpods

They are also known as the AirPods 2, they have the same structure and design as the first headphones. What differentiates them is that with the previous ones there were many criticisms due to their functions, which were resolved in this model.

AirPod 2

One of the differences and great functions is that it allows you to activate Siri through your voice. It’s quite a handy tool, especially if you find yourself with your hands full.

Its interior contains the Apple H1 Chip, which facilitates the ability to receive signals from different sensors. In addition, it allows you to activate sound cancellation, or use headphones to listen to your WhatsApp voice notes.

You can use them for a maximum of five hours, if they are charged only once; its case allows you to charge them four times. On the other hand, you can talk for up to three hours non-stop and the headphones will work just fine.

AirPods 3

The third generation of AirPods brought with it an indisputable improvement on the design that they previously had. Now, they are a little smaller and more comfortable to fit your ears.

AirPods 3

In this new design a small button is also added, with which you can play or pause your music and audio, also, they have the H1 chip included, but with many improvements related to sound, and now they have spatial audio. The duration time of these is six hours, the battery can be charged in its case for up to thirty times during a day.

The best thing about this new case is that it can be magnetically attached to surfaces that have MagSafe technology. This means that they can be charged without the use of any cables, everything is done wirelessly , this process is much faster and easier for users.

Its structure is made with the ability to withstand any liquid, including sweat. Therefore, they can be used to perform all the exercises of your training without any problem.

Airpods Pro

The real change in these headphones is observed with the AirPods Pro, if you want to isolate all the noise that is outside and only listen to your favorite songs, they help you with this, since they have a microphone that fulfills the function of focusing only on the sound of your headphones.

Airpods Pro

In addition, you can make changes to the different sound modes that they include. Their design receives a change, they are smaller and more comfortable for your ears.

Another change that is quite noticeable in this model is that you don’t have to touch them to change the song, you just have to put a little pressure on the sensor and that’s it. The system is included to make them resistant to water or sweat.

The battery life is about 4 hours and a half, its case can charge them up to four times. It shares the same function as in the case of the AirPods 3, it has the MagSafe system , which allows them to be charged on special surfaces through magnetism.

We also invite you to see a comparison of AirPods Pro or AirPods 3 so you can choose your favorite.

AirPods Max

This is one among Airpods models that is a little different, they are presented as headband headphones, since they are placed with a support on the head. Within its structure it has 9 microphones that allow it to perform different functions, from sound cancellation to voice recognition. These headsets are frequently used for gaming.

AirPods Max

AirPods models and their differences


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