AliExpress disputes: how to open one and manage it


It is one of the most important commerce portals in the world today, and its growth beyond its horizon has been gaining ground over its competitor, Amazon. With this, AliExpress manages to position itself and live up to the demands, offering a lot of products for its customers.

AliExpress acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer , thus having a guarantee in the sale by the first, while the second can have total confidence in receiving the product. The portal will act between the two parties so that both parties are happy and above all satisfied.

We are going to explain to you what AliExpress disputes are, something that you probably do not know but you are interested in if you buy in this important online store. If you are not satisfied with the final product or have received something else, it is best to open one.

What is a dispute on AliExpress?

A dispute on AliExpress is not being satisfied with what has been purchased , having the possibility of opening a dispute with the seller of the product on the page. If you launch some you have a time for it to be resolved, specifically it is 15 days, it can even be resolved before time.

The AliExpress portal will enter ex officio if the two parties finally fail to reach an understanding, so sellers have to be aware and answer active buyers. The same thing is that some of the workers of that company are as active as possible to resolve these incidents.

The claim will come into play if the seller finally fails to answer the customer (buyer) , all after those 15 business days have passed. The seller has to be active as long as he wants to maintain his status on AliExpress, a site where there are many companies behind each product.

First step, contact the seller

Before opening a dispute it is best to send a direct message to the seller, try to use the friendly way before you are forced to do the other. The sellers usually answer with a maximum time of a few hours, try to calm down and wait for the private message.

If you want to send a direct message to the seller, you have to look for the contact, if you enter a specific product and download it you will be able to see all the information, including the percentage of valuation, followers and the “Contact” tab to talk to the company that sell those products.

A vrz you have clicked on “Contact” will load a new link to write to the company/person that sells that product, being able to load an image and write text. If you see that something they sent you is not correct, you have the option of writing to them and talking to them at length.

When to open a dispute

Exhausting the contact route, if the seller does not respond or does so in an unfriendly way , it is best to consider opening a dispute on AliExpress. It is not open a dispute and that’s it, it will be a long way, but it is worth fighting if you have not been happy with one of the AliExpress sellers.

Many are the people who choose the fast route, the one to open a dispute, skipping the one to speak with the seller first and reach an agreement. If you are not satisfied with the product, you have the right to a return , but this is not as simple as doing it in a physical store.

For the return of the money, the term of the protection of the purchase cannot pass , which will vary depending on the seller, but it is around two weeks. You have a maximum time if you want the amount to be refunded if you are not completely satisfied and you want to pass the seller’s filter.

Open a AliExpress dispute

The dispute in AliExpress is easy to open , for this you have to have made an order on the page, if you did not do this you will not have the option to send it. Disputes have a period of time, it is advisable to calm your nerves before the refund amount arrives.

In a number of cases, many customers have opened a dispute when the purchased product did not arrive, if this has also happened to you, you have time to open one, at least in that period. It is similar to a claim , although it is only a warning to the seller, to make the return to the customer, who is not satisfied for a specific reason, which must also be specified when opening a dispute in the store.

If you want to open a dispute, please do the following on AliExpress:

  • Open the AliExpress page and go to “My orders”
  • Go to the order in which you have the problem in question
  • Just below “Actions” you have to be able to “Open dispute” , click here and fill in all the fields that AliExpress itself will ask you for.
  • If you received the product and you have not received it as promised by the manufacturer, attach a video or photographs of it



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