Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow crDroid Custom ROM For HTC One (M8)

This crDroid
custom ROM is based on Android 6.0.1
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow crDroid Custom ROM For  HTC One (M8)

custom ROM Features

Clear recents location
Navbar dimensions
Power menu in navring targets
Superuser indicator (Notification, Statusbar icon or no indicator)
Force expanded notifications on expanded statusbar
Power menu and notifications tiles
Four tiles per row
Vibrate on tiles touch
Disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
Kill app back button configurable timeout
Ambient display with a bunch of options
SELinux switch
Network traffic meter
RAM bar in recents panel
Battery saver enhancements
Non intrusive incoming call
Date and time customizations
Custom header image
crDroid logo in statusbar
QS transparency
Toast animations
Faux soundcontrol
Voltage control
OC 268 to 2794mhz.

Things To Know

•This crDroid Android 6.0.1 ROM is just meant for HTC One M8. 
•Your HTC One M8 should be rooted and have custom recovery installed on it
•Perform a Dalvik Cache wipe before proceeding from the recovery mode.
•Make sure you backup all your data in your tablet before proceeding  Recommend

How to Flash the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow crDroid Custom ROM On Your HTC One M8

1 Download  crDroid Android 6.0.1 ROM and Google Apps for HTC One M8 to your computer/device

2 – Send the Rom to the root of your Sdcard if you download with Pc  and Move to root Sd if you download with your devive

3 –Put your Tab  2 OFF and disconnect from the USB cable.

 4 –  Boot into Recovery Mode. To do that (Switch ON the tablet while pressing and holding Volume Down + Power buttons together.)

5 – Once you are in  Recovery Mode, Make Backup first before selecting a full
data wipe by selecting “wipe data/factory reset”  Use the
Power button to select everything while in the Recovery Mode.

 6 – Then, perform a cache wipe by selecting “wipe cache partition”.

7 – Now this is optional, but it is recommended to perform a wipe
of your dalvik cache as well. You will not get into boot loops or any
other errors.

8 – Then go back to the main recovery screen and select “install zip from SD card”.

9 – Now select “choose zip from sdcard”. Using your volume keys,
navigate to the Android 6.0.1 ROM zip file that you copied to your SD
card and select it using the Power button. Confirm the installation on
the next screen and the installation procedure should start now.

10 – Repeat the above step for the Gapps zip file as well and install it on your HTC One M8

11 – After the installation completes, go to “+++++Go Back+++++”
and reboot the tablet by selecting “reboot system now” from the recovery
menu .

Note the first boot will take a while

The  crDroid Custom ROM  should be installed on your HTC One M8  Go to Settings >
About tablet to verify. 


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