We do not want to miss important opportunities or moments due to a late delivery of information.

Real-time information reception is becoming an essential part of our lives. No one wants to receive a message notification several minutes or hours after it has been sent. We do not want to miss opportunities or important moments due to the late delivery of information. However, there is a delay in sending Google Gmail messages to Android. Obviously, this is sad for users who need to receive their email as soon as it is sent.

Why is there a delay in Gmail notifications?


Recently, some Reddit users have analyzed this phenomenon extensively and publicly. A Redditor has searched the phone log to find out why the push notification of the Gmail message is not shown immediately. Their research seems to indicate that the Android system “sees” the arrival of Gmail messages, but does not issue a notification immediately.

It has been pointed out that the culprit of this problem may be “Twelve”, which is an energy-saving feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This may hibernate or disable certain Android features to avoid excessive battery consumption.

Although there is no 100% sure that “Twelve” is the issue, however it became apparent that “Twelve” seems to be preventing the Android system from sending an instant push notification from Gmail. The notification is on standby until an event triggers the notification release. This event can occur when you turn on screen.

So if you regularly work with emails and need to receive these emails in real-time, you may want to adjust your expectations for Gmail message notifications on Android.


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