Custom KitKat L Themed ROM For QMobile i9
Custom KitKat L Themed ROM For QMobile i9

                                                          Enjoy a Fast & Stable KitKat.

1) Stock UI Modded Like Android Lollipop
2) Smart Gestures
3) Pre-Rooted
4) Android L Keyboard
5) Apollo Music Player
6) Ads Blocked
7) More Free Ram
8) More Battery Efficient
9) Stable and Smooth
10) Best Ever Camera
11) Based on Latest Ex Play Fresh
12) Battery & Performance Tweaks
13) Many Bloat Wares Removed
14) Play Store Patched
15) Many Launchers
16) init.d Support Added
17) Unlimited SMS Patch
*****And Much More*****

1) Copy The Zip File To SDCard.
2) Switch Off Your Mobile.
3) Go To Recovery By Pressing Volume Up And Power Button
4) Make Backup Of Your ROM Just Incase
5) Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
6) Clear Cache & Dalvik Cache.
7) Then Select The ROM File From SDCard And Select Install.
9) Aroma Explorer will start, so follow the instructions and select which apps you want to install with ROM.
8) Phone Will Reboot Automatically.
8) Enjoy.

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