How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone with iOS 16

iOS 16 received a lot of changes to the Photos app, and one of those changes was the ability to find and merge duplicate photos of the same . In this article, we will show how the new function of finding and deleting duplicate photos works on iPhone with iOS 16.

It often happens that we take several identical shots “just in case” in order to choose one good photo later. But then we forget about it and a large number of identical pictures appear on our iPhone, which occupy the device’s memory.

Before the release of iOS 16, third-party apps that looked for duplicate photos dealt with this problem, but such apps are often paid and do not work as well as they claim.

Now with iOS 16, Apple offers a built-in tool to find and delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone very easy to use.

Apple notes that extra duplicate photos will be moved to the Recently Deleted album, so if you decide to check which pictures you’ve deleted or want to recover any photos, you can do so.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone with iOS 16

For now, iOS 16 is only available to developers. If you want to install now, use our  guide.

  1. Open the  stock Photos app on iPhone.
  2. Select the Albums tab at the bottom .
  3. Scroll down and under “Other” select  “Duplicates”.
  4. View duplicate photos and click Merge to remove duplicate photos on iPhone.
  5. You can also use the “Select” button in the top right corner to “Select All” or select multiple duplicates for faster merging.
  6. You can open any duplicate photos and see in more detail how they are similar.

This feature works very accurately compared to third-party duplicate removal applications.

If you decide to merge/delete photos found in iOS 16, please click the “Merge” button on the right, and then click “Merge X Duplicate”.

What is very convenient, next to each photo, its size is displayed below, so that you can estimate how much space will be freed up.

The fastest way to delete all duplicate photos on iPhone is to use the “Select” button on the top right corner, then you can select all or select only certain pictures to delete.


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