How to Disable/bypass Oppo DAA and SLA Authentication

How to Disable_bypass Oppo DAA and SLA Authentication
Disable_bypass Oppo DAA and SLA Authentication

Download agent authentication (DAA) and  Serial Link Authorization (SLA) is a security feature that oppo implement to prevent unauthorized flashing on their Mediatek smartphone. Once the DAA or SLA Authentication is implanted, it will prevent the flash tool from writing any device partition without completing the challenge.

In the DAA Protection case, You can bypass it by loading a custom or slightly Modified DA (Download agent file) in the SP Flash tool. But in the case of SLA, You can’t load a DA File without completing the SLA challenge, which is done through the Special account called Authorized oppo ID or an account given to the service center for repairing oppo devices.

How the SLA works:

That’s simple, during the flashing process, the device generates a decrypted random string; if BROM (boot ROM/EDL) validates. This string allows partitions writing; if not, then the flash tool shows a BROM error.

Supported oppo / Realme Phone:

  • A9
  • A1k
  • F9
  • F9 Pro
  • R15
  • Reno 2F
  • A9 Pro
  • A83
  • a5s
  • A12
  • A7s
  • F11 Pro
  • Realme 6, 6s, 6i
  • A11
  • F11
  • A7
  • Realme C2, C2i, Realme 2
  • Realme C11, C12, C15, C20

How to Bypass DAA and SLA Protection:

  • Download & extract all the files on your computer
  • Install MTK driver on your computer
  • Download and Install Python on your computer
  • It would help if you did as in the screenshot

Python Setup

  • Run CMD and type the below code

python -m pip install pyusb pyserial json5

  • Done, don’t disconnect Your Phone from Your computer and perform target action Like FRP/account/pattern bypass or full flashing.

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