How to Download Backup data from iCloud and iPhone [Instruction]

In this article, we will talk about how to download backup data from iCloud cloud. As a reminder, if you are unable to pay for your iCloud space, syncing and updating your data will stop. The problem concerns users from Russia due to the blocking of VISA and MasterCard cards.

How to Download Backup data from iCloud and iPhone

iCloud global copy

Let’s start by downloading all iCloud archives in a couple of clicks, Apple has provided such an opportunity.

Step 1 . Go to   and log in to your account. Select the “Get a copy of the data” item.

Step 2 . Click the “Select All” button. At the bottom of the page are the most important data – files, mail and media content. Select them all.

Step 3 We select the size of each archive where the data will be packed. Size from 1 GB to 25 GB. If you have a slow Internet connection, and failures are possible, specify a minimum file size of 1 GB.

If the Internet is fast, select the maximum file size so that you do not have to download many archives separately.

Step 4 Here is the most important point. Download links will be sent to your email, but the process of preparing a copy can take up to 7 days.

An email will be sent to you confirming the start of the archiving operation. You can track the progress of the archive at

This option is not suitable for everyone, so later in the article I will tell you how to copy files individually.

Downloading photos and videos

To begin with, I recommend clearing everything superfluous in the Photos application so as not to copy garbage. Next on iPhone/iPad go toSettings – Apple ID – iCloud – Photos.

The iCloud Photos toggle should be enabled here. Below we select the option to save the original. Now your data will be stored locally on your smartphone, and iCloud will not affect this.

After all the data is synchronized, we connect the iPhone via cable to the computer and download the files through any paid or free application that is an alternative to iTunes (iTools, iFunBox).

Yandex offers unlimited photo storage with automatic upload of your images. To activate this option, install Yandex Disk, go to the Feed tab (bottom left), then settings (gear top right) – Autoload and activate the options:

You can also download photos directly from iCloud to your computer without third-party software. To do this, go to, log in, open Photos and select the files you need. Click on download and wait for the download.

The disadvantage of this method is that you can download up to 1000 files at a time.

To download photos directly from iCloud to Mac , launch the Photos app. In the menu bar, go toPhoto – Settings. Under iCloud, make sure “iCloud Photos” and “Download originals to this Mac” are enabled.

After synchronization, all files will be stored locally on the Mac. At any time, you can transfer these files to a USB flash drive or memory card.

To download photos directly from iCloud on Windows PC , install the iCloud application ( website), log in and selectPhotos – Options – iCloud Photos (on).

The data sync will start. To view photos and videos, open File Explorer and a new iCloud Photos option will appear in the sidebar.

Further, the files can be transferred to any external media.

Downloading files

To download files to iCloud Drive from iPhone/iPad , launch the Files app. On the Browse tab, open iCloud Drive, click the ellipsis, and select the folders and files you want.

Use quick selection by swiping with two fingers across the screen.

  • In the lower right corner, click on the ellipsis and Copy.
  • Next, return to the Browse tab, open any local folder on the iPhone, hold your finger in an empty space and select the Paste menu item.
  • Similarly, you can copy to an external drive using a bunch of iPad and an external SSD / flash drive
  • And you can copy the data immediately to another cloud storage . In the applicationFiles – Browse – ellipsis (top right) – Edit mount storage accessible from installed applications.

Then repeat the procedure with inserting files in a new path. I recommend choosing Yandex.Disk, because. it will definitely not be blocked in Russia.

To Download Files On A Mac

  • Open Finder, from the sidebar, open the iCloud Drive folder.
  • If it’s not there, go to Settings from the menu bar and on the Sidebar tab check the box.
  • Next, select the desired files and simply copy them, for example, to an external hard drive.

To Download Files On Windows

Icloud app Icon

  • Install the iCloud app. After launch, check the box next to iCloud Drive.
  • After synchronization, all files will be displayed in Explorer, item iCloud Drive.
  • These files can be saved to a USB flash drive or left on a PC.

To Download Files Directly From iCloud To Your Computer

  • Go to, log in, open iCloud Drive, select the files you want, and download the ZIP archive to your PC.

Export passwords

  • On iPhone/iPad, you can only share a specific password via AirDrop.
  • On a Mac, you can do a full export of passwords. On macOS Monterey, go to Apple menu – System Preferences – Passwords(enter administrator password), highlight passwords and export them.
  • The resulting file will  be in CSV format (all passwords are written without encryption).
  • Prior to macOS Monterey, passwords can be found in the Safari settings on the corresponding tab. The procedure is similar.
  • You cannot export passwords on Windows. The iCloud app only allows you to install extensions for Chrome or Edge browsers

Download notes

On iPhone/iPad,

  • you can save notes locally. Go toSettings – Notes – Account on iPhone (on).
  • Next, you can manually copy the text of the notes and paste them into new notes on the iPhone, or simply move the folders locally to the smartphone, but they will disappear in iCloud.
  • Alternatively, you can use a storage like or Yandex.Mail. They need to be activated in the settings (Settings – Notes – Accounts).

On a Mac

Through the native Notes application, you can duplicate entries in third-party accounts

  • Open Apple menu – System Preferences – Internet Accounts and add a new account with which you want to synchronize notes.
  • In your account, check the box next to Notes.
  • In the left side menu of the Notes application, a section with account supporters will be displayed. With notes highlighted, right-click and select “Move to…” and select an account.
  • To copy notes, you must first duplicate the note and only then move it.

Downloading messages

You can isolate correspondence from iMessage only through third-party programs that perform the functions of iTunes (iTools, iFunBox, AnyTrans). Typically, such aggregators offer export to several formats.

Contact sync

  • You can sync contacts on iPhone/iPad with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook accounts.To do this, go to Settings – Contacts – Accounts.
  • Choose a suitable account among those already added or add a new account. Log in to it.
  • Activate contacts to enable synchronization.
  • But in this case, the data from the Gmail account will be migrated in a one-way mode only to the iPhone.
  • For normal synchronization, disable the standard migration method by going to Settings – Apple ID – iCloud – Contacts (off).
  • Now all new contacts will be added to the Google account.

Download contacts

To make a local copy of contacts on a Mac, launch the Contacts app. Select all contacts and press File – Export – Export vCard.

In the Contacts settings on the vCard tab, you can select the version and export settings.

Through alternative programs (iTools, iFunBox, AnyTrans), more extensions (excel or csv) are available when exporting contacts.

Download reminders

Reminders can be synchronized with Yandex. Open the settings page of your Yandex account (,section “Passwords and authorization” – Application passwords – Create a new password (New code is generated for the Calendar app).

This code must be saved in a safe place. After closing the page with parameters, it will no longer be possible to view it. You will have to repeat all the steps again.

Next on iPhone go to Settings – Reminders – Accounts – Accounts – Other – CalDav account and fill in the parameters.

  • Server:
  • User:
  • Password: The generated password for the application.
  • Description: (purely for myself).

Click Next to apply the settings:

  • Use SSL (on).
  • Port 443.
  • Account URL: hhtps://

At the last step, enable the synchronization of reminders with the added account.

You can additionally synchronize calendars through your Yandex account.

Downloading emails from an email client

On iPhone/iPad go toSettings – Mail – Accounts. Add the desired account.

After adding the mailbox, launch the standard mail client on the iPhone and open the folder with correspondence in your iCloud account:

  1. Select the chains of letters you need to transfer, drag the selected letters with your finger and do not take it off the screen.
  2. With the finger of the other hand, open the previous menu with a list of mailboxes.
  3. Throw the stack of letters in the right box.

Conversations will be moved from your iCloud account to another service.

On a Mac , everything can be done in exactly the same way through the native Mail app. Or you can export the box (top menu Box – Export box).

Specify where to store the universal mailbox archive. In the future, this archive can be deployed through any email client. Or download letters to a local mailbox on your computer.

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Create a backup

I recommend making a local backup of all your data on your iPhone/iPad. On a Mac , simply wire your iPhone, launch Finder, select your smartphone in the sidebar, and click the General tab.

Check the box “Encrypt local copy” – without this, all confidential data from the device will not be included in the backup copy. Create a backup now.

On a Windows PC   , install iTunes. Connect your iPhone via cable, unlock your smartphone and click “Trust this computer” in the dialog box.

In iTunes, select your iPhone, Browse section. Enable the “Encrypt backup” option. Create a password, without it you will not be able to recover data from an encrypted copy. Create a copy now.

In conclusion, I will say: periodically download backup data from iCloud and store them on external media.


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