Home Application Ccleaner: Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster And Optimizer

Ccleaner: Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster And Optimizer

Download Ccleaner: Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer
Download Ccleaner: Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

The Ccleaner optimizer utility has recently been available for the Android platform. We recommend that you download the Ccleaner application both on a mobile phone and on PC, since very often the system does not care about removing temporary files and other garbage then using this app is the best way to clean your memory, boots and optimizer good performance.

The main features of the CCleaner utility for Android:

  • delete junk files
  • clearing space on the memory card
  • monitoring
  • Android privacy enhancement
  • privacy protection

Android Optimization and Phone Cleaning

  • Acceleration of the phone by deleting garbage files from memory
  • Delete cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard, and other useless data from your phone
  • Destruction of information about calls and sent SMS, improving privacy

Bringing order to the Android OS

  • It removes useless and unused applications previously installed by the user.
  • Quick space clearing on sd card or phone RAM with Android

Extremely simple application management

  • Tha Application optimizes work on a mobile device in one click
  • Simple user interface and simplified navigation through application sections
  • CCleaner does not contain ads and is free to download.
  • Works quickly, efficiently and does not clutter up the phone’s memory and processor power

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System Monitoring with CCleaner

  • Test processor power usage on Android
  • Automatic and manual cleaning of memory and space on a memory card
  • Checking the battery charge and processor temperature (overheating protection)

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