Download RockChip Batch Tool/How to use (all versions)

Download RockChip Batch Tool all versions
Download RockChip Batch Tool all versions

RockChip Batch Tool is a Windows Computer portable application that allows you to flash or install RockChip Chipset .img firmware (RK3066, RK2918, RK3188).

Here on this page, we have managed to share all the versions of the RockChip Batch Tool.

RockChip Batch Tool Features

Flash Firmware:

It allows you to flash or install RockChip Chipset stock firmware. Simply, Launch the RockChip Tool app on the computer, and load the stock firmware in the tool. After loading the firmware, connect your device to the computer and click on the Upgrade or Restore button to begin the flashing process.

Portable Application:

It comes as a portable application, which means the installation of the RockChip Tool on the computer before using it. Download and extract double click on the RKBatchTool.exe to Launch the tool.

Support .img Format:

It supports flashing or installing of Rockchip Chipset .img stock firmware. You can find the .img stock firmware file of your RockChip device released by the company.

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Supports Rockchip Devices:

Once you have installed the correct Rockchip Drivers on the computer, Rockchip Tool can easily detect the connected Rockchip Devices and get ready to flash or install the firmware on the device. It comes in support of the devices powered by Rockchip Chipset.

Download RockChip Batch Tool


How to use RockChip Batch Tool

These are the instructions to flash or install stock firmware (ROM) on devices powered by RockChip Chipset using the RockChip Batch Tool.

Caution: Flashing or installing firmware using the RockChip Batch Tool will wipe the data from the device. Therefore, we recommend you to take a backup of your data before using the tool.

Install .img Firmware using the RockChip Batch Tool

    1. Download Rockchip Driver Assistant on the computer. and install it. If in case, you have the RockChip Drivers installed already on our computer,  SKIP this step then.
    2. Download the RockChip Batch Tool and extract it on the computer. After you are done with the tool Extraction, you will be able to see the long list of files:
    3. Double click on the RKBatchTool.exe file to Launch the Tool.
    4. Once it is launched, it will pop up the software flashing interface.
    5. Click on the button on the right side of the flash tool to Navigate and Locate the .img stock Firmware you want to flash on the computer.
    6. Once you have clicked on the .img firmware you want to flash it will Load on the tool with the firmware Finished message.
    7. Now Turn Off your Smartphone:
    8. Next is Press and Hold the Volume UP Key on your smartdevice and Connect it to the computer using the USB cable.
    9. Do not release the Pressed Volume UP Key on the device until the Icon 1 turns Green in Color which means the flash tool has successfully detected your bricked device, To begin the flashing process Click on the Restore button.
    10. Now, Wait for the RockChip Batch Tool to flash the .img firmware (ROM) on your device (flashing usually takes 4-6 minutes to complete

Download RockChip Batch Tool

RockChip Batch Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the tool, then use the following links to get it on the computer: – Latest


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