Who is entitled to life insurance? Understand if you can be a beneficiary!


Find out who is entitled to life insurance, who the beneficiaries of a policy are and when you can receive compensation!

Do you know who is entitled to life insurance? This can be a common doubt for many people, mainly because it is not a much discussed subject.

However, it is essential to understand who the compensation recipients are in different cases, in order to prepare and have more peace of mind in the future.

With that in mind, we’ve separated everything you need to know to ensure the policy protection of a family member or loved one. Check out the read!

What is the life insurance beneficiary?

The life insurance beneficiary is the person defined by the holder to receive compensation if any accident occurs.

In other words, if the insured suffers a fatality, the individuals he chose in his contract will be able to claim payment from the insurer.

Who is entitled to life insurance?

When in doubt about who is entitled to life insurance, it is worth knowing the priority in the payment order of the policy. See below:

Beneficiaries stipulated by the contracting party

The beneficiaries stipulated by the contractor are the main recipients of compensation if something happens to the holder.

They are entitled, by law, to request payment according to the claim, and in the event of death , the amount does not enter into the division of assets and amounts paid independently. And that goes for all types of insurance .

legal heirs

If the policy does not have any beneficiary chosen by the holder, the indemnity will be paid in accordance with current law.

Currently, the law determines that the payment be made 50% of the amount for the spouse not judicially separated and 50% for the legal heirs of the insured holder

In this case, it is necessary to follow the hereditary order determined by law, based on primary and secondary blood relationships.

It is worth remembering that legal heirs do not need to be listed as beneficiaries, but only receive payment if there is no individual named by the holder in the policy.

Other beneficiaries stipulated by law

In addition, in some cases, the law may determine that compensation be directed to other beneficiaries.

This is the case, for example, of minors under 18 who are heirs or listed on the policy . As you must be of age to withdraw the payment, a legal guardian may be responsible for the account until the holder is able to operate it.

Life insurance beneficiary: Understand what it is and its importance!

Also, in the absence of indications of beneficiaries, article 792 of the Civil Code determines that half of the amount of the insured capital will be directed to the non-judicially separated spouse.

If I am not an heir, am I entitled to life insurance?

If you are not the policyholder’s heir, you can only receive life insurance if you are named as the direct beneficiary.

For this, your name must be on the most current insurance contract, and still in force. That is, with tuition and coverage up to date.

Who is entitled to life insurance if the policy has no beneficiary?

Without beneficiaries or heirs, those who are entitled to life insurance are people who can prove that the death of the insured person impairs their ability to support themselves financially.

In this case, a verification process is initiated to show that the holder was responsible for their maintenance. You don’t have to be listed as a beneficiary or heir to appeal, but this is the last option on the list.

Therefore, if you are in doubt as to whether you are entitled to insurance, confirm with the insured person or brokerage firm to receive payment as soon as possible.


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