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Download Fouad WhatsApp
Download Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp V9.35 APK When it comes to Android smartphone applications, WhatsApp arguably is the most downloaded and popular app in the world, WhatsApp the leading social messaging service with the functionality of sending text messages, videos, voice notes, images, documents in different formats, make voice and video calls all for free.

While it is highly popular across the globe, several things bother its users and desired by the users, For all those users who want to customize the way they use WhatsApp and have improved usage. The modified versions of WhatsApp have come to their rescue. Developed by independent creators and not official developers of WhatsApp, the modified versions stand above the official WhatsApp offering several advanced new features.


A material designed mod, that provides TONs of features including customization, themes, changing styles, app lock, conversation locks, PRIVACY mods, and many more!

Fouad WhatsApp, Delta GB WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp, GBWhatsApp, Delta YoWhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus are all designed with clean interference and its user-friendly feature it unique from the official versions of Whatsapp.

Over the years, there have been many modified versions of Whatsapp messenger that allows you to run multiple accounts on your smartphone. One of such mod version is the Fouad Whatsapp. The Fouad Whatsapp comes with great and exciting features that you can’t find on the regular Whatsapp.

Fouad WhatsApp Best Features

The app may look like regular Whatsapp, but it comes with more options for customization, privacy settings, and a lot more. The app is free to use and available for download to all Android users. Some of the key features of the app include;

  • Change tick styles and app launch icon (lot of options)
  • Filters for Images and Videos
  • Material UI with Special Calling UI
  • Font Style Change with Font Preview
  • Send any file type
  • Install external themes from file manager (XML)

Fouad WhatsApp v8.35 APK has been updated and here is the download link for Android. It is one of the best WhatsApp mods or alternatives for Android that is still around. This WhatsApp allows you to run a more customized version of the app on your phone. It comes with more features that are not originally present on the Whatsapp app itself. The app is free, and can be used along with your regular WhatsApp.

What’s new in Version 9.81

As we can see below, the list of new features in Fouad WhatsApp is quite extensive, correcting many bugs, updating the base and many new features at the level of user interface, where it has changed quite a bit from the previous version of the application.

The full list of new features in Fouad WhatsApp 9.81 is as follows:

  • Version 9.81:
    • [Fixed] Storage permission problem in Android 13+
    • [Fixed] Restore Backup in Android 13+
    • [Fixed] Download emoji packs in Android 13+
    • [Fixed] Forwarding messages crash for some users
    • [Fixed] Status privacy crash for some users
    • [Fixed] WA Nav Unread Badge not taking color
    • [Fixed] Elapsed time option
    • [Fixed] Video Note Message download icon not appearing sometimes
    • [Fixed] Concept entry increased space between quoted message
    • [Misc] Other bugs and improvements in Fouad WhatsApp
  • Version 9.80:
    • [Base] Base updated to version
    • [Added] Exclusive: Added “Mark As Read” inside chat when hide blue tick is enabled
    • [Added] See Original Message before Edit
    • [Added] Save feature for new Video Messages
    • [Added] Icon next to “Edited” for users to notice
    • [Updated] Added Hide Play Voice/Video notes option
    • [Enabled] Send Quick Video Message (click once on mic icon)
    • [Enabled] New Navbar UI
    • [Enabled] Send media in HD
    • [Enabled] Pin message for 24hr, 7 days or 30 days
    • [Enabled] Share Status on Facebook (Status tab > Status Privacy)
    • [Fixed] Calls banner bug in home screen
    • [Fixed] Voice note banner bug with One UI
    • [Fixed] Delete For Everyone as Admin in Groups not taking color
    • [Fixed] Hidden chat showing in App icon shortcuts
    • [Fixed] Search in groups tab
    • [Fixed] Daily local backup
    • [Fixed] Online payments crash
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in Fouad WhatsApp
  • Version 9.74E:
    • [Extended] Expiration date
    • [Fixed] Crash in Message Scheduler
    • [Fixed] Unable to open the app on some phones
    • [Fixed] Send My location issues
    • [Fixed] My location button in map
    • [Fixed] Bug fixes in Fouad WhatsApp
  • Version 9.71:
    • [Added] Send docs, media, audio up to 100MB+ size
    • [Fixed] “View Once Download” option
    • [Fixed] “View Once mark as open” option
    • [Fixed] Contact Online Toast (know who is online)
    • [Fixed] Archived not showing in groups tab
    • [Fixed] Rounded Entry style recording issue
    • [Fixed] Home Tab Underline color
    • [Fixed] Text font style in edit image
    • [Misc] Other bug fixes in Fouad WhatsApp
  • Version 9.70:
    • [Base] Updated to version
    • [Added] Exclusive: Media Backup/Restore option (Images, Videos, etc.) —> FMMods > Universal > Backup and Restore – Useful for Android 11+ users to backup media before uninstall
    • [Added] iOS 2023 Emojis pack (FMMods > Universal > Styles)
    • [Enabled] Receive Pinned messages from others
    • [Enabled] Transfer Chats between phones without GDrive (Settings > Chats)
    • [Enabled] Pin Message in private chats
    • [Enabled] Edit Messages
    • [Enabled] official Locked Conversations (Chat Info page > Lock)
    • [Enabled] Group Members pic in chat (official by WA)
    • [Fixed] Crash when clicking on community
    • [Misc] View all User messages moved to Group Info page
    • [Misc] Some styles updated to work with new WA base.
    • [Misc] Cleaned up some settings
    • [Misc] General bug fixes in Fouad WhatsApp
  • Version 9.65 Extended:
    • [Extended] Expiration date
  • Version 9.65:
    • [Added] MAXIMUM Anti-ban protection (Re-verify SMS if you have been banned before and then install 9.65)
  • Version 9.63:
    • [Added] More Anti-ban protection
    • [Fixed] Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users
  • Version 9.62:
    • [Improved] Improved Anti-ban more than before
    • [Enabled] Edit messages
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in Fouad WhatsApp
    • [IMPORTANT] Make a backup, uninstall v9.60F or earlier and reinstall or the anti-ban system will not work.
  • Version 9.60F:
    • [Improved] “Anti-ban” improved very much for now, should stop bans.
  • Version 9.60:
    • [Base] Updated to version
    • [Added] New “Msg a number” UI design
    • [Added] Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page
    • [Added] Load custom font (1- Select “Custom” from font style, then 2- use Load font option)
    • [Added] Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB
    • [Added] FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
    • [Enabled] Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
    • [Enabled] Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
    • [Fixed] Auto reply / forward crash
    • [Fixed] WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues
    • [Fixed] Many custom text status icons
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp 9.81


Fouad WhatsApp v8.35 CHANGELOG

  • WA Base Update: Latest 2.20.123 build.
  • [Added] Group chats now have separate tab (Optional)
  • [Added] Separate Group Tab for Bottom Bar
  • [Added] Dubai (Arabic) Font
  • [Improvement] Switch Light/Dark Mode will SAVE your current settings and restore it when switching
  • [Improvement] Fonts preview
  • [Fixed] “App Not Installed” error
  • [Fixed] Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to “Immediately”
  • [Fixed] Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
  • [Fixed] Hide Second Tick
  • [Fixed] IG Status disappearing
  • [Fixed] WhatsApp emojis/stickers show in phone gallery
  • [Fixed] Bottom bar not working in Urdu language
  • [Fixed] Group description not clear in Dark Mode
  • [Fixed] Custom Privacy checkbox not showing in RTL languages
  • [Fixed] Other bugs
  • [Misc] Improved (Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian) Translations
  • [Note:] Returned default UI to Tabs
    Known bug: Unread counter flicker when group tab enabled

What’s New in Version 8.65?

  • Fixed: Random crashes when messaging groups
  • Fixed: Sending messages in groups take long time
  • Fixed: Swipe Row crash
  • Added: Reset preferences now also resets default wallpaper
  • Fixed crash using status splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Fouad WhatsApp v8.60 ChangeLog

  • Added: Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (Automatically enabled with the normal Blue tick on Reply option).
  • Enabled: Disappearing messages option.
  • Added: Load theme from ZIP file.
  • Added: Click on Status caption to copy.
  • Back again: Option to increase forward limit to 250 (Very risky).
  • Added: Advanced Search.
  • Re-Added: Hide Recent Chats Option.
  • WA Base Update: Latest build.
  • Enable: Chats or Groups separate without IG Stories.
  • Added: New styles for IG Story.
  • Now use the New WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock UI.
  • Option: Use the Phone’s system emoji variant.
  • Reduced FouadWA APK size: Now it is 33 MB.
  • New: Time increased to delete a message as “Delete for everyone” to 100 days!
  • Added: Go to First Message in Chats.
  • Fixed: Themes do not install/apply in Android 11.
  • Added: An option to clear WA database backups.
  • Update: more Anti-BAN.

Where To Download Fouad WhatsApp v9.35


Fouad WhatsApp 9.30


8. 65 App Info

  • App Name: Fouad WhatsApp APK
  • Developer: Fouad Mokdad
  • Android Version Requires: 4.0+
  • Package: com.whatsapp


Download Without EMOJI

Previous Verison 8.65


  • Package: com.fmwhatsapp
  • Use Second (2nd) Number
  • DOES support: Samsung S5—>20 – Note4–> 10
  • With Emoji Changer/Variants
  • Download

FMWhatsApp 2 – GBWhatsApp

  • Package: com.gbwhatsapp
  • Use Second (2nd) Number
  • DOES support: Samsung S5—>20 – Note4–> 10
  • With Emoji Changer/Variants
  • Download

How To Install FouadWhatsApp Apk?

After backing up your old WhatsApp data, and downloading this app from the link above,

  • Go to Android settings and click on Settings ➡ Security ➡ Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Install the FouadWhatsApp on your Android device
  • Now launch the FouadWhatsApp and click on AGREE AND CONTINUE
  • Click on Allow the WhatsApp Access, if you see the message. This will allow you to continue to the next stage.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  • Wait for your BackUp to restore and proceed to
  • Enter your name and choose profile picture
  • Voila you are Good to go


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