Galaxy S5 Custom Rom Tecno R7 by SkgeeBoss
Galaxy S5 Custom Rom Tecno R7 by SkgeeBoss

Here is the Galaxy S5 ROM ported by SkgeeBoss
Running on 4.4.2!!!

How to Install

1) You have to have a Rooted Phone and CWM Installed.
2) Click Here to Download the Rom Samsung apps link Download
3) Go to CWM Recovery Mood (Power Off your Phone and then Press Power Button + Volume Down Button until it enter the Recovery)
4) You Can Backup your Stock Rom ( CWM& Backup & Restore & Backup )
5) Now Follow This steps for flashing ROM
Wipe data/factory Reset
Wipe cache Partition
Mount & Storage/ Format System
Advance/ Wipe Dalvik Cache
Now Go Back
Install Zip From SDcard
Choose Zip From SD Card
Now Select your Custom ROM which You want to Flash
Then Wait Until the Installation Finished
Then Reboot Your Phone

Enjoy your ROM

Credit/Thanks To  SkgeeBoss  For This ROM

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  1. Great ROM. Sleek and full of options, but i noticed these bugs:
    1. The MENU soft key is not working as an OPTION key as it is meant to be, but shows RECENT apps. Is any other person experiencing this?
    2. Most Sensors are disabled (using ELIXIR 2 app to check) on the ROM which is not that good. I feel their drivers were removed from the ROM.
    I have flashed my R7 a couple of times with this ROM from scratch and even deleted Dalvik Cache and Battery Stats from Advanced Options in CWMR, yet it still does the same thing. What could probably be wrong?
    BUT I MUST COMMEND THIS GREAT WORK FROM SkgeeBoss, it is a step in the right direction.

    • You are first to complain about this Bug.. .. I have report to a friend he will guide you on that bug issue.

      Thanks for visiting and making comment
      You can also try The CM11 Rom for R7

    • Thanks Emmanuel. I do insist on the bug being present. Then the Smart Cover sensor that automatically locks the screen and displays thru the cover's glass is not working too. This is also present on the CM11 ROM (i have treid it also). Although the CM11 has all the sensors native to the R7 working perfectly well, my problem with it is that it is still Android 4.2.2; then the gestures setting is not present; i don't think it has Gesture function included in the ROM. Last time I checked, i wasn't present on the S5 ROM also.

    • Emmanuel, i stand corrected please. I re-flashed the phone with the S5 ROM and all the native Sensors are working (still using Elixir 2 App to check) except the Smart Cover sensor that still does not work. This sensor thing i must have mistaken it for the case of another ANDROID 4.4.4 ROM i got from NAIJAFORUM. I try a lot of ROM on my phones. Sorry for misleading you though. Then the most annoying, THE MENU SOFT KEY is not doing its OPTION FUNCTION, but doubles as the LONG PRESS of the HOME KEY that shows RECENT APPS. Very frustrating because the ROM is so lovely my brother.

  2. But there is three issue's i faced and ill upload the screenshots. Later..
    1st : when incoming call its like u enabled sview mode its small screen .
    2nd: in dailer screen its not full screen.
    3rd : there is no google maps preinstalled and when install maps from play store its force close

  3. @ Jimmy, i am still seriously looking for that rom (4.4.4) myself, as the one i thought to be it is still 4.2.2. i almost succeeded in porting one of those rom to R7. Everything was working well, but the main bug was the microphone not working, that is if you call me, i can hear u but you won't hear me at all

  4. Sorry 4 d mix up. The s5 rom the not load at all while the tecno r7 miui rom stopped at boot loading screen. CM 11 rom loaded perfectly.
    the rom i wanted was either s5 or miui rom..
    I sold my r7 b4 but as soon as i discovered this site and the custom roms .i bougth another r7 only to b dissappointed both roms did not load ie s5 and muii rom.
    pls help.thanks

  5. Thanks 4 d quick reply.
    i discovered that i cannot access APN section to enter apn ,proxy and ports.when clicked on it goes back to settings menu.
    i need to set access for simpleserver, proxy server ,ip
    pls help is needed urgently as this bug is greatly affecting my browsing.
    I m
    I commend you 4 a great work. Almost like what Gnabo did for galaxy note n8000 transforming it to galaxy 10.1 2014 edition with his Gnabo Rom note 10.1.
    I eargerly awaits your reply on how to fix this.

  6. Thanks 4 d quick reply.
    I must say is a great rom.
    But i discovered a bug i could not access APN section to set proxy,port,ip. When clicked on Access point names or Network operators it goes back to Menu Settings.
    Pls need help urgently cos my browsing with SimpleServer or Proxy server is impossible. Can't set
    Eagerly awaiting a reply to fix this.
    Thanks once again .
    God bless

  7. Anytime I call someone and finish talking the screen will become black and it won't come on for a long time. I've flashed the rom several times yet it still does the same thing.

  8. Hello
    This is a great custom ROM, but I want to ask something.
    I flashed it and it worked almost perfectly, but I didn't backup my stock ROM, now i want to explore more on my tecno r7 but I want to restore it back to its stock form first, can you please help me. Thank you

  9. GREAT ROM SkgeeBoss,
    The performance on my R7 is simply amazing.
    Now, if you are having problems with the MENU SOFT KEY showing RECENT APPS as opposed to OPTIONS, simply long press on it and you have your options. The only ting I'm still unable to troubleshoot on is the SMART COVER SENSOR, anyone gotten a work-around for this yet?

  10. The bugs i experience are
    1. "System UI has stopped" especially at startup
    2. While charging when the phone is switched off, it shows the normal battery bar with a cracked screen
    3. After making calls, the sensor starts misbehaving

  11. Would like to commend the developer of the ROM especially because Tecno refused giving OTA updates to their older phones any longer as if they no longer care for their users with older phones……. Buh pardon me asking, among the two custom ROMs for R7 on this website (CM 11 and S5 customized for R7), which of them is much recommended especially for gaming purpose with say only few minor bugs or even unnoticeable bugs…. Would like to know before i pick anyone… Thanks in advance


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