How To Generate GTBANK Token Code
How To Generate GTBANK Token Code

Welcome to another Banking tutorial, and today we will be talking about how you can create GTbank token codes using a smartphone for free. You can use the Gtbank token codes to authorize your internet banking transactions. If you are a businesswoman or man who makes many funds transfers daily transactions limit, then a GTBank token code will be required.

Some years back, you pay and get a hardware form code generator that generates the token codes for you when you need them. Over the years, things have changed now you can generate the token code on your smartphone without the hardware form. Guaranty Bank has made it possible the with the help of GTBank USSD codes; you can now generate the code costing you nothing.

This post has all you will need to generate the GTbank token codes; please read and follow the guide below to generate the tokens.

Steps To Generate GTBANK Token Codes

When sending funds up to a million out from your account to your partners or clear off your goods, you will need a token code to verify that you are the bank account owner and make the transaction complete. This tells you how essential the tokens are, for without them, the transaction will not go through. Below are steps on how to generate GTBank token codes.

  • Dial this code *737*7# on your smartphone with the number that linked to your GTBank account
  • Now Enter your NUBAN account number.
  • Enter the last six digits of your (ATM)GTBank debit card


  • Dial this code *737# on your smartphone with the number that linked to your GTBank account
  • Then reply 11 for NEXT.
  • Now reply with 8 for Generate Token.
  • Proceed and enter the information required to get your token.

After following the above instruction/guide, your token code will pop up on your smartphone screen. Use the display number to complete your internet banking transactions; note that the code will be valid for 60 seconds ( a minute); after then it invalid.

Congratulation on learning how to generate GTBank Token code using your smartphone. This guide will save the stress of carrying your hardware form code generator around and money used to get it. 

I believe this guide was helpful? If you have any issues or questions, please use the comment box below.

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