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Google Chrome’s dark mode is for everyone

The dark mode is the next revolution in the look and feel of the system and apps on Android, Messenger, and Google Chrome. 2019 looks be the year when Google will not only apply a real dark mode for Android, but also for all of its apps, some are already adapted, others are in process.

It’s not very logical that at this point in 2019 a dark interface is very prominent because it is no longer a novelty, but there it is: dark mode is the next revolution in system appearance and applications on Android, on Messenger and apparently also on Google Chrome.

2019 seems to be the year in that Google will not only apply a real dark mode to Android but also for all your applications, some are already adapted others are in process. Yes, this is the case with Google Chrome.

Not the first time we’ve talked about the dark mode in Google Chrome since this app acquired the “nightly interface” in early February and in beta. The downside was that it was very limited to certain smartphones; and only with Android 9. Now dark mode and is open to everyone, but in the trial version of Google Chrome: Canary.

Turn on dark mode in Google Chrome Canary with a simple “flag”


As is often the case with Chrome, the development team hid the news in the form of an experimental function or “ flag “. To enable night mode, you only need to activate the above function, and that’s it: the interface changes the white background to a much darker tone. It’s not completely black , and that’s not good news for anyone who owns OLED screen


To enable dark mode in Google Chrome, you only need to do the following:

  • Download Google Chrome Canary.
  • Write ” chrome: // flags “in the address bar.
  • Search “ night mode “: The function will appear” enable night mode “Enter this option.
  • Now must select “ Enabled ” from the menu.
  • Google Chrome Canary will ask you to r start it. Should accept and restart the browser again, this time manually.
  • Now you just have to go to the Chrome Canary settings (in the three menu items) and enable “ Dark Mode

Keep in mind that dark mode is still in tests, Many of the elements in Google Chrome remain blank . Even so, much of the interface is already dark. It’s not black, we don’t understand why Google doesn’t decide to use absolute black and instead uses very dark gray.

You can install Chrome Canary (unstable) at the following link. The browser works correctly despite being experimental.



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