Got a Fine in Massachusetts?

Got a Fine in Massachusetts?

Fine in Massachusetts:  The State of Massachusetts uses a uniform citation for all motor vehicle traffic law violations. This means that every Citation (fine) of traffic is provided in a standard document. If you commit an infraction and are stopped by a police officer, he will fine you and hand you a paper, indicating what type of infraction was committed and on the back, you will have instructions on how to proceed. Every state in the United States has its laws. Here are Massachusetts laws.

Fine in Massachusetts

The front of the citation delivered by the police officer will look like this:

1 – The police officer will check one of these boxes to indicate the type of citation (All Civil Infractions, Criminal Complaint, Arrest or Warning).
2 – In this box, the official will indicate if the offender is the operator or owner of the vehicle or if he is a passenger or cyclist.
3 – Total amount of the fine if it is a civil (non-criminal) citation.
4 – If the citation refers to an accident, the police officer will check this box.
5 – The officer will write the address of the district court in this box.
6 – The court code is written in this box.
7 – The police officer may ask you to sign the summons.

How to pay or appeal a fine

When issuing the citation, the officer will select one of the following boxes that appear in front of the citation:

  • 1. All Civil Infractions
  • 2. Criminal Complaint
  • 3. Arrest
  • 4. Warning

1. All Civil Infractions:

If the All Civil Infractions box is checked, it means that you will have to pay the fine or request a court hearing. Just follow the A instruction on the back of the quote.

The 12 Massachusetts traffic laws for drivers

Payment of the fine

Within 20 days of the date of service you must sign where indicated (on the back) and send the “total due” in the envelope provided.

If you pay the fine, you are waiving your right to a civil court hearing. Payment will indicate admission of liability for all infringements.

Such payment is not an admission of guilt, liability or negligence in any other criminal or civil proceeding.

To pay by mail:

Make a check or money order to: “Registry of Motor Vehicles”. Write the citation number, your driver’s license number, and the issuing state of your payment. Do not send money.

Please remember to check the PAYMENT box on the front of the envelope the officer provided and mail it to the following address:

BOX 199125
BOSTON, MA 02119-9125

To pay over the Internet:

Just go to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles official website , go to the Additional Transactions box and select the  Pay a Citation/Court Filing Fee option . Then just have  your quote number  and MasterCard, Discover Card or Visa card at hand.

Or you can request a hearing and a $25.00 fee will be added to your total for each citation.

To pay over the phone:

Call (617) 351-4500 or (800) 858-3926 between 9:00AM and 7:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Request a Court Hearing:

Within 20 days of the date of the citation you must sign where indicated (on the back) and send the citation in the envelope provided. You will be notified of the date and time of your hearing by mail. Notice will be sent to the address that appears on the front of the quote.

Remember to put your correct address on the front of the envelope provided by the officer. Also check the HEARING REQUEST box on the front of the envelope. Place the citation in the envelope provided and mail it to:

BOX 199125
BOSTON, MA 02119-9125

Or go to the  Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles , go to the Additional Transactions box and select the  Pay a Citation/Court Filing Fee option . You may also request a court hearing.

2. Criminal Complaint:

If the officer checks this box, it means that one or more of the violations is a felony. You must follow instruction B  on the back of the quote. You will receive a magistrate hearing to determine whether a criminal complaint should be filed against you. You must sign where indicated and return the summons within four (4) days to the court named in front of the summons.

Be sure to provide a correct address. The jurisdiction of the City of Newbury Court is as follows:


Most common criminal charges for traffic violations:

  • DUI;
  • Driving to endanger;
  • Don’t stop for the police;
  • Driving without a license.

Any concurrent civil offenses will be determined during the criminal proceedings and cannot be prepaid.

Criminal charges may or may not result in your arrest. Look for a lawyer.

3. Arrest: 

If this box is checked, you will be arrested and taken into custody. You will be released from custody by a notary magistrate and given a date to appear in court or, if not released, you will be taken to court and indicted on the charges.

If you are not sure when you will appear in court, please contact the Newburyport Division of District Court  at (978) 462-2652.

4. Warning: 

If this box is checked, no action is required. This means that you have received a warning/warning. However, if 3 notices accumulate in a year, your license may be suspended.


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