GSE: How does Google’s AI search experience work


Google revealed a new online search experience enhanced by artificial intelligence (GSE) during the keynote speech at its I/O 2023 developer conference, an experience that gives Google Search users a completely new experience to access information and get answers to their inquiries, as the answer to search questions appears directly above links from websites, with answers to expected questions related to the search question, in addition to the ability to text chat to get more information or write more questions to reach more accurate results.

Google said that with the new developments in the field of artificial intelligence, generative AI, the new search experience (GSE) re-images what the search engine can do over the Internet, as new technologies can be relied upon to answer different types of questions that search engines currently find difficult to answer, in addition to changing the way information is organized to help understand it and make it easier to find. 

New Google Search Experience GSE: Improving Results with AI

The new Google search experience enhanced with artificial intelligence techniques provides the user with direct answers to queries, without the need to search for answers within the links provided by Google Search now, where through the new experience it is possible to extract and organize information to answer questions, in addition to offering suggestions to complete the search according to the context or to get more answers to other questions related to the topic of the research.

Google Search-Ai- Screenshiot


With the new GSE search experience enhanced by artificial intelligence technologies, users can chat in an interface similar to Google Chat or Google Bard, to ask more questions and get direct answers.

AI-assisted shopping


The new Google search experience enhanced by artificial intelligence technologies generative AI will also provide the user with a completely new shopping experience, when you want, for example, to search for the best smartphones to buy in 2023, a direct list of the best options will appear, in addition to descriptions of these products that include reviews, ratings, prices and photos, making it easier to get the best option to buy.

View personal experiences from social networks and more

In addition to responding to users’ questions based on artificial intelligence (generative AI) technologies, Google will provide a special tab called Perspectives in which it displays short and long videos from the most famous content creators and posts from social networks such as Facebook and Reddit, in order to give users more personal answers to their questions, while displaying information about content creators such as name or profile picture and the popularity of their content.


How to access the Google search experience enhanced by artificial intelligence techniques GSE?

Google has launched a new site called Labs that allows users to preview the new experiences it launches based on artificial intelligence technologies, including the new Google Search Generative Experience, which users can register in the queue to get it now, an experience that supports English only so far, but is available through Chrome for desktop devices or the Google search application for Android and iOS devices.

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