Hidden features in Google Docs that you should not miss knowing

Hidden features in Google Docs

Google Docs provides the best free alternative to the famous text editing application Microsoft Word, as it provides all the basic tools for editing and formatting texts, including writing scientific papers, stories, etc., and provides many additional features that will facilitate the user experience in writing and editing, which may be hidden to many users.

What are the best features of Google Docs?

Edit Google Docs Offline

One of the most important hidden features in Google Docs is the ability to access and edit documents offline, or in the absence of an Internet connection, through computers or via Android phones and iPhones.

Computer users can easily access Google Docs offline and edit or print them directly, by installing the Google Documents offline extension for Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and then through the side menu activating the “offline” option, or by opening Google Drive And enabling the same option through the settings that can be accessed by clicking on the “gear” icon at the top, so that tables and Slides from Google can also be accessed offline.

Translate documents in Google Docs from one language to another

One of the advantages of Google Docs, which may be hidden to many users as well, is the ability to translate any Google Docs from one language to another language depending on the Google Translate service, so that the user can obtain a translated copy in another language of a document he wrote through the service or any other document, easily by opening a document written in Arabic, for example, and then clicking on “Tools” from the top bar, including clicking on ” Translate Document” to a window to choose the translation language and type the title of the translated document, then click Translate to immediately show a translated version of the document.

Organize the document by subheadings and table of contents

For a better writing experience when editing texts through Google Docs, you can rely on the features of organizing the document, through subheadings and a table of contents, so that subheadings can be written at the beginning of writing or editing the document and create a table of contents, which is the table that includes subheadings and facilitates navigation within the document, which can be added anywhere within the document by clicking “Insert” from the toolbar, then choosing “Table of Contents”.

View the word counter as you type in Google Docs

One of the features of Google Docs is also the ability to display the word counter while typing, a feature that helps the user achieve his goals and encourages him to continue writing, by clicking on “Tools” in the top bar, including clicking on “Word Counter” and then clicking on “View words while typing” to show an interactive word counter on the side of the document, which is the counter that can be clicked to also identify the number of letters and the number of letters without spaces.

Voice typing or voice dictation in Google Docs

You can also rely on the voice typing feature in Google Docs, which is one of the most useful hidden features, which allows users to type directly with voice without the need for a keyboard, which makes it easy to record ideas or write a preliminary copy of a project through voice dictation directly.

The user only has to open a new Google document, then click on “Tools” from the top bar, including choosing “Voice Writing”, after which a microphone icon appears, from which the user can choose the language and then click on the microphone icon to start writing with voice, with support for voice writing in Arabic and dozens of other languages, which is a feature that can also be relied on to unload audio lectures or press interviews.

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Create a writing to-do list in Google Docs

Through the “Sideboard” sidebar in Google Docs, the user can access Google Tasks (available as a smartphone app) and create a writing to-do list to improve productivity and contribute to goals related to writing or translation projects.

Create a writing to-do list in Google Docs

The user only has to click on the Google Tasks icon from the side panel in Google Docs, then create a new to-do list, monitor the completion of tasks, mark tasks, and refer to them as completed tasks, and others.

Through the side panel in Google Docs, other Google services can be easily accessed, so that appointments can be viewed in the calendar by just clicking on the Google Calendar icon, or even opening Google Maps, searching for addresses, and adding them directly to any document.

Compare drafts in Google Docs

The hidden features of Google Docs also include the ability to easily compare drafts, through the “Edit History” feature, which can be accessed by clicking “File” in the top bar, to appear a new interface that allows comparing drafts and easily identifying changes in the document, with the possibility of restoring any change or draft.

Share the document for comments and suggestions

Google Docs allows users to easily share documents with a group of people or with someone via an email address, to get suggestions or even a linguistic review from a specialist before finishing the writing project, and users can share any document by clicking “File” from the top bar and pressing “Share”.

Copy and convert text from PDFs

The hidden Google Docs features also include the ability to copy, modify and convert texts from PDF files easily, by uploading any PDF file to Google Drive, then clicking on the file to preview it, including clicking on “Open with” and choosing Google Docs, to show a text version of the file that can be modified or copied texts and images, including Arabic texts, with the ability to save the file after modification as a PDF file or even as a Word Word file in docx format.

Insert images from Google Search directly into Docs

Google Docs users can search for images via Google and insert them directly into any Google document, by clicking “Insert” from the toolbar, then “Image”, including choosing “Search in the Internet”, after which a box appears to search for images in Google in the side panel, which allows searching for any image and then selecting the appropriate image or images and inserting them directly into any document.

Users can also insert photos directly from Google Photos into Google Docs, which allows easy access to photos on the phone if the user relies on Google Photos to save a copy of their photos, by clicking on Insert and selecting “Photo” and then “Google Photos“.


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