Does home insurance provide coverage for garden damage?

Does home insurance provide coverage for garden damage?

Protecting the house is really a sensible thing to do. After all, this is probably one of the biggest investments made by most people looking for their own home. But, more than “just putting it in the insurance”, choosing the most appropriate protections is essential when contracting residential insurance, such as coverage for garden damage.

The needs vary according to the type of residence and also with the needs of each one. Have you ever thought, for example, that you can have a cover for gardens and plants in your home? As much as it may not seem common, this coverage does exist and can be hired.

Top 10 Home Insurance Benefits

Gardens, especially for those who have a house with a large backyard, are a way to decorate on a budget . In addition, being close to nature is always good, especially in the place you have as home. So no one wants to see the garden destroyed due to storms, natural disasters or other damage, right?

Additional protection for gardens can be included in home insurance, as we will explain throughout this text, in addition to telling you a few more details about home insurance.

Importance of home insurance

For those who are not yet very familiar with this protection, it is important to explain that, unlike the perception that many may have, its price is very low. Its value does not reach 1% of what the property costs, for example.

Now let’s talk about home insurance and the possibility of coverage for gardens and plants!

Does home insurance cover garden damage?

Yes, home insurance can cover gardens. However, in order to have this specific coverage, including for the protection of trees, shrubs and flower boxes, it is necessary to include it in the policy, as it is an additional coverage. If this is not done, there will be no protection. 

Therefore, when negotiating with your broker, if you want to guarantee this protection, inform them about the need for residential garden insurance coverage.

What is the best cover for my garden? 

Although most insurers work with Garden Damage coverage, some of them have differences. So, once again, it is important to talk to your broker and understand the real needs of your garden.

Let’s use examples from two different insurers. In insurer A, for example, coverage is reserved for trees, shrubs and lawns only. However, if you need more complete coverage, insurer B may include pots and garden decor items. That’s where the analysis of each insured is worth. 

If you have garden vases and statues, which in general can have high values, it is recommended to ask if the insurance company has coverage that goes beyond plants. However, if your garden consists of only vegetation, the simplest plan may be the most suitable. 

What does garden damage coverage cover?

The damage caused to the garden covered by home insurance is:

  • fire ;
  • Lightning strike;
  • Explosion;
  • Smoke;
  • plane crash;
  • Vehicle impact;
  • Gale;
  • Drilling;
  • Hurricane;
  • tornado;
  • Hail;
  • Robbery and theft of goods with break-in.

And, if there is a need to trigger the insurance, it is very important that the insured does not discard the damaged items. First, wait for the insurance company’s coordinates to take any action.

What is excluded from garden damage coverage?

Now, some risks are excluded from the coverage of damage to gardens, such as:

  • Pests, diseases and the like;
  • Flooding or waterlogging;
  • Damage to nurseries and greenhouses.

These types of problems will not be covered by home insurance. 

Do you have any questions about home insurance coverage for garden damage? Let us know in the comments below!



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