How to activate Cortana in Windows 10

How to activate Cortana in Windows 10?

Activate Cortana in Windows 10 Voice assistants represent a new experience in our relationship with devices such as smartphones and computers. Using them is as simple as giving an order to the team so that it complies immediately, saving us the time of doing it by interacting with the screen. In that sense, if you are a user of the Microsoft operating system, we are going to show you how to activate Cortana in Windows 10 so that you can start executing voice commands.

Cortana is the bet of those from Redmond in the voice assistant market and its operation is quite good in general. Therefore, we are going to comment on everything you need to know for its use and activation.

What is Cortana and what is it for?

Before getting into the material on how to activate Cortana in Windows 10 , it is necessary to know about the application and what its purpose is in the system environment. As we mentioned before, voice assistants represent a new experience in our interaction with devices. It is no longer necessary, for example, to open a messaging application, select a contact, write a text and send it . It will be enough to indicate the instructions to the mobile or computer through your voice and everything will be executed automatically.

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In this sense, Cortana is a voice assistant designed by Microsoft for the Windows environment and its potential does not stop at providing a new alternative to interact with the system. Additionally, it has an accessibility factor that helps users with certain limitations to use the computer with greater fluidity.

Among the tasks that you can perform with Cortana you will find everything from making queries in the search engine, to sending messages, emails and checking the weather . All this without having to touch the mouse or the keyboard, however, to achieve it, we will have to activate the program.

How to activate Cortana in Windows 10?

How to activate Cortana in Windows 10 is one of the simplest processes that we can carry out within the system. To start, we must enable the voice assistant button and for this, you must right-click on an empty space on the toolbar . This will display a menu, where you must click on the “Show Cortana button” option.

The button in question will immediately appear right next to the start menu. Click it to open the main page where you will have to log in with your Microsoft account.

Then, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the tool and you can start using it.

In the Cortana window, the icon that represents her will be displayed and in the lower right part you will see the microphone button that you must leave pressed to give orders to the assistant.

Likewise, when you are in any other window and want to use it, you can also press the Windows+C key combination to open the interface .

How to disable Cortana?
In case you have tried Cortana in Windows 10 and have not been satisfied, you can proceed to disable it. The process is quite quick and starts by clicking on the Cortana icon located next to the Start Menu.

This will open the voice assistant interface, click on the 3 vertical dots icon at the top right of the window.

This will display a drop-down menu where the first option is “Logout”, click it and Cortana will no longer be enabled.

What you can do from Cortana

As we mentioned before, occupying Cortana is very easy and its potential will allow you to carry out tasks just by ordering them. In this sense, for example, if you want to do an internet search to find out what time it is in Germany, all you have to do is ask while pressing the button icon . You will see how the assistant makes the query and will immediately show us the result that he has found.

If you want to send a message through WhatsApp, you will only have to say something like: “Cortana, send a message to Lucía through WhatsApp, saying Hello” . Also, you can do the same if you use other messaging applications on your computer. Another excellent utility of this tool is to locate files that we do not know in which folder we have saved. Instead of running around the system, you can ask Cortana to find the file by giving her name.

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On the other hand, you will have the possibility to run applications using voice commands . This is as simple as pressing the button icon and asking Cortana to open the app you want. You’ll also be able to play music, create alarms, take notes and store them in OneNote, and more.

Voice assistants will continue to improve their performance over time, considering that a large share of users has involved them in their usage habits when interacting with their devices. So it pays to know what they can bring to the table so you can start making the most of it right away .



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