What’s the worst part about changing phones, resetting or installing of a new ROM on a device? Miss all your text messages (at least for me it is). There are a few things we can do to back up these messages.

There are two popular methods of backing up, the first one using XML files. Backs up all pertinent information in your SMS and MMS messages to an XML file (some can even back up images). These can be restored via the corresponding application on the next phone. If you choose to use this method, remember to keep the archive away. from your device (microSD card or Dropbox will work perfectly) before formatting it.

The method we’re going to use today is backing up all messages to Gmail,


  1. User must have a Gmail account.
  2. User must be logged in in your Google account on your device
  3. user must install application SMS + Backup (Let’s use this application to perform backup and restore).

Save messages:

This application is very simple. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Start the application in the drawer
  2. Tap the call box
    1. If the user has multiple accounts, select which one you want to back up
  3. Tap allow to approve the connection
  4. Tap Backup to start backing up all your current messages.

These are the basic steps to simply back up messages immediately. There are a ton of features that can be used in this application as well. can setĀ up recurring backups, customize the tags and categories they would like to use in Gmail, restore Gmail messages, and customize notifications.

Have you used them yet?


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