How to cancel a payment in PayPal: complete tutorial
cancel a payment in PayPal

Cancel a payment in PayPal: It is one of the most important and secure payment methods in the world , also used by millions of people when making transactions on the Internet. PayPal has been maturing over time, all after being a service that came from the well-known eBay e-commerce portal.

How to cancel a payment in PayPal: complete tutorial

When paying, PayPal protects us against possible fraud, which is why it is widely used by a large number of users on pages and services. If we see that a purchased product does not arrive , you can request a refund, the money will arrive in your account and you can re-enter it to the bank.

Through this tutorial we explain how to cancel a PayPal payment , making the amount paid reach your account, although there may be isolated cases where you will not be able to request a refund. It is fine in case, for example, through a page the order does not arrive and you want to request the amount paid at the time.

When can a PayPal payment be canceled?

How to cancel a payment in PayPal: complete tutorial
cancel a payment in PayPal

The cancellation of a PayPal payment may be requested in different cases , so before requesting one, try to review the payment policy for your account. You will not always be right, so you should always try to provide evidence, either in a purchase or in a sale to another natural person.

PayPal will allow you to cancel payments that are not claimed, the first of which is when you send an amount to an account not associated with PayPal, not all of them are. Here you can claim at the support and after the answer , wait a reasonable time of a few days to see the amount in your account again.

The second is if you have sent money to an address that has not been confirmed by the user, here you can also see the disbursement sent at that time. In addition, PayPal will let you claim what was paid when making a purchase and if the seller ignores it or does not send it to you within the period imposed on the page.

Steps to cancel a payment in PayPal

The first thing is to know if the payment you have made was sent to an invalid email address , if so you can proceed to cancel this shipment in the PayPal panel. The cancellation will be immediate, although the money will not arrive until after a few hours, since it will be investigated by the company and it will take time.

The procedure will take one of the workers a while, so once you request this amount, take some time and periodically check the account in case it has been returned to you, as well as your bank. It will arrive in one of two ways, whether you have money in the uploaded account  or the payment has been made from your card.

If you want to cancel a PayPal payment , do the following in your account:

  • The first thing is to access PayPal, you can do it via the web at or through its application in the Google Play Store.
  • Enter the access data, in this case put your linked email and password, if you do not remember it you can recover it again in “Have you forgotten your password?”
  • Once you have logged in, click on “My account” and it will load the full panel
  • To see all the transactions, click on “Activity” , in Summary it will also appear, although in this parameter it will load everything completely
  • Click on the payment that says “Pending” and once it loads, it will show you a button that says “Cancel”, press and finally click on “Cancel payment” that will be shown on a dark blue button

Cancel a payment in PayPal from the phone

The procedure of doing it from the computer to the phone changes relatively little , adapting to the needs of the screen and also reducing some settings. Activity appears hidden, having to look at the three horizontal lines at the top left, it will appear the same as in the Android application.

The steps become the same, so it is convenient that you do each one of them and the money reaches you within 24-48 hours. PayPal takes longer if it happens to be a one-page checkout , as the investigation will take approximately one to two weeks.

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From the mobile browser, you will have some of the options somewhat more protected as it cannot show all the options visible in the browser of a computer. The function is the same, you will also be able to cancel the PayPal payment just as quickly and receive an email when the account is paid.

Cancel payments or subscriptions

Surely you have paid a subscription with PayPal , if you do and you want to cancel that payment, you also have the possibility that the receipt that they are going to give you will not be collected. Like other services, PayPal is a method to pay for services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and others available.

This will serve to unsubscribe from the streaming service, or those that go through Paypal, which is usually recommended if you do not want it to go through the bank directly and not give the number. The transactions are made the same, the payment will be made several days past due , PayPal usually gives about 72 hours despite being notified that it has been made at that time.

If you want to cancel payments and subscriptions, follow these steps:

  • Enter the PayPal page from your web address or application and log in to it
  • Click on “Settings”, it will show a cogwheel and then click on “Payments”
  • Once inside “Payments”, click on “Automatic payments” and click on the payment you want to cancel, if for example you pay for Netflix, click on it and click on “Cancel”, thereby removing the approved payment automatically

On the left side it will show you the automatic payments, also at the bottom, right in the center, in addition to seeing the latest transactions made. In “Payments” you can manage the things that will be charged to you throughout the month if you have some automatic payments on.


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