How to Compress Image Files to a Specific Size?


Compress image file: In the digital world, responsiveness is the key to success. If you are quick at responding to people’s queries and sharing information, you can go places above others quickly.

In recent times, images have become the most important aspect of communication, be it at the individual or business level, as they are worth thousands of words.

Therefore, they convey your message more efficiently to others. That’s why you must optimize your image files to a specific size per the size limits of different communication channels.

As a result, you will be able to share your image files briskly with others, which will help you earn a good name for yourself.

This blog post will elaborate on how you can get your images in a specific size to improve your efficiency with the help of online image compression.

Online Image Compression: A Way of Reducing Images to a Specific Size

Image compression reduces the image file size to lessen the amount of memory space an image takes. You can perform image compression both offline and online.

Online image compression is the best approach to get your image files compressed to a specific size. It is so because you don’t lose the quality of your images which can happen otherwise.

Let’s delve into the details of this process, from its working to platforms that offer this service and a few of its benefits.

Working of Online Image Compression

Online image compression, you don’t have to manually adjust the images’ dimensions. Instead of that, all you have to do is to import your files from your device or cloud storage and add them to an online image compressor. Ultimately, it will compress your files as per your instructions. Usually, online image compressor reduces photos to an optimum size for file sharing and transmission. The best thing about online image compression is that you don’t have to install any program on your device.

In addition, you are never asked to create an account or give any credentials on the sites that offer image compression facilities. You can run compression tools on your cell phones and desktops. Therefore, you can compress your images anywhere in the world without facing many intricacies.

We will discuss multiple sites where you can benefit from image compression online without further ado.

Best Platforms Offer Online Image Compression

The internet is flooded with countless sites that offer image compression services. Nonetheless, the following are the most remarkable platforms where you can compress your images without compromising quality.


Usually, the images we get from image designers are large in size. Thus, they take too long to load and transmit. That’s why compressing image files to a size that ensures fast loading times and efficient use of storage while maintaining an acceptable level of image quality is the way to go.

To get the best image compression service, you can use an online image compressor here on Smallseotools. With this tool, you can reduce photo size of different formats, including JPG, PNG, and JPEG. You can also compress photo in different sizes; even you can compress JPEG to 50KB using this tool.

While using this tool, you can compress up to 20 images in one go, each under the size of 5MB. Moreover, you can achieve two types of compression with this tool, normal compression and progressive compression. Progressive compression works better for JPG images, making them load layer by layer to improve their visual presentation.


This online image optimization is based on best optimization and lossy compression algorithms to facilitate users shrinking JPG, PNG, and Gif images to the minimum possible size. You can perform an unlimited number of compressions using this tool. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about data loss while using this service, as it ensures your safety. It means that your credentials or images don’t get shared with any third party, as it deletes your added photos from its database once the compression is done. Furthermore, using this tool, you can save your photos collectively in a zip file or individually after compression.


Yet another online image compressor is available at this site. You can relish 100 percent free image compression services here. It allows you to compress 10 images at once, which can help you increase your productivity.

Duplichecker’s photo compressor allows photo compression into different sizes depending on your requirements, even you can compress image to 20KB. Moreover, you can use this tool anywhere, anytime in the world, 24/7.

You need a strong internet connection to perform image compression with this image compressor. Furthermore, the interface of this utility is very straightforward, and you can start benefiting from it even after taking a short glance.

Final Remarks

Online image compression is an excellent service that reduces an image’s file size to make it faster to download or upload. It helps not only in saving storage space but also makes file transmission easier over a network. Moreover, site speed also gets enhanced when the images uploaded on a site are in the optimized size. As a result, people tend to visit your platform, which raises the traffic level on your site; thus, you achieve more conversions and sales. We hope you have loved going through this article to understand how to compress image files to a specific size.


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