How to discover new challenges on TikTok

Increasing range; learn how to discover new challenges on TikTok and do it as an audience expansion strategy,

The video sharing app is currently one of the most popular platforms for young people. See below, how to discover new challenges on TikTok and achieve greater organic exposure on the platform. Participating in challenges is one of the strategies to become famous on TikTok. When used in conjunction with other actions, it increases the chance of success within the app.

How to discover new challenges on TikTok

There is a part of TikTok to discover specific videos, hashtags and users. By accessing this function, it is easier to find content and topics that are having a great viral reach.

The first videos on hashtag pages are those that started the trend and other popular videos that are relevant to the trending hashtag. To use “Discover”:

  1. Tap “Discover” located at the bottom of your screen;
  2. Search for a specific video or content type in the search bar located at the top of the page, being as specific as possible;
  3. The results will appear in the “Main” tab;
  4. You can explore other search tabs for related content.

Tips for participating in new challenges

There are many organic, unbranded TikTok challenges that companies can adopt as a “trend finding” method to attract followers and potential customers.

1. Search the “For You” page

When the user signs up with a TikTok account, the “For You” page will already be full of content suggestions aligned with their tastes. This page will change over time when you start following accounts like the Instagram explore page .

It’s a must-follow ‒ the TikTok influencers your audience follows ‒ making it possible to identify future challenges worth recreating on your personal or business account.

2. See popular sounds on TikTok

Another way to find trending TikTok challenges is by going to the “App Sounds” section. In the section, a list of the most popular sounds will be presented. After tapping a sound, videos that were created using that sound will be filtered out.

Analyze the videos using the sounds and see if any of them have elements in common. Watch for repeated moves such as dance moves or editing tricks.

3. Watch TikTok Builds on YouTube

To save time as a social media professional, business owner, or enthusiast, one can check out some of TikTok’s top builds for inspiration and research. In addition to hunting challenges, you will probably laugh about it too.

With these tips it’s easier to discover new challenges on TikTok, the sky is the limit. Good fun and video compositing.


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