How to drag text and other content between iPhone apps

iOS 15 introduces the ability to drag text and drop text and any other content between apps on iPhone. With this feature, you can move documents, text, and images between applications. This feature is more intuitive and seamless than regular copy and paste.

This feature has been around since 2017 with the release of iOS 11 on the iPad. But back then, Apple didn’t bring this functionality to the iPhone, maybe they wanted to keep it exclusive to the iPad, or it wasn’t adapted enough for the iPhone.

But now that the drag and drop feature has officially arrived on the iPhone, we would like to explain how it works.

How to drag text between apps on iPhone

You can forget about the usual copy and paste to move text, url links between applications on the iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the application with the text you want to copy to another application and select the text. For example, let’s copy the text from the site in Safari and transfer it to the notes.

Step 2: Now press and hold on the selected text . Now the text will stick to your finger and will follow it everywhere.

Step 3. Then, with another finger (better with your second hand to start), swipe up from the bottom of the screen and go to the desired application, either to an already running one, or launch it from the home screen. While doing this, keep holding the selected text.

Step 4: Move the selected text to the desired location, then release it.

How to drag and drop documents between apps on iPhone

Drag and drop documents between applications is also easy. To move music, video clips, or PDF files from one application to another, follow the same steps as above.

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How to drag and drop images between apps on iPhone

Drag and drop images between apps on iPhone is just as easy as it is on iPad.

Step 1: Open the photo app (such as the Photos app) that you want to move to another app. For example, let’s transfer several images from the media library to the standard notes application.

Step 2: Select images, pinch and hold on them.

Step 3. With another finger, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enter the app switcher mode and select the app you want, or just minimize the app and launch the app you want from the iPhone home screen (while still holding the selected photos with your other hand).

Step 4:  Drag the selected images to the desired location in the target application.

How to drag and drop screenshots between apps on iPhone

Transferring screenshots between applications is a little different from the previous methods.

Step 1: Take a screenshot on iPhone (Press the side button and volume up button at the same time.) Note that drag and drop also works for dragging multiple screenshots at the same time.

Step 2:   Now press and hold on the screenshot thumbnail that is displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen. Be sure to wait until the white border around the screenshot thumbnail disappears.

Step 3:   Then, with another finger, tap the app where you want to add the screenshot. After that, go to the desired location and drag the screenshots there.

In this way, you can transfer different content between applications on the iPhone. On modern iPhones, thanks to relatively large displays, other useful multitasking features are also available, such as picture-in-picture.


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