How to enable or disable Activation Lock on Apple Vision Pro


In this article, we will tell you how to activate and deactivate Activation Lock on the Apple Vision Pro helmet. These steps will also help you check and ensure that the feature is enabled or disabled on your device.

“Locator” and Activation Lock on Vision Pro

Find My Devices feature is available on most Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It allows you to locate a stolen or lost device, get directions to it, display a custom message on its screen, play a sound on the device, or reset it remotely.

Activation Lock is one of the Find My features that prevents anyone else (except AirPods) from resetting your device for use.

Apple Vision Pro has a Find My app, but you can’t find the location of a lost Vision Pro, play audio, turn on lost mode, display a message, or perform a remote reset.

So why do you need Latitude on Apple Vision Pro? The answer is for Activation Lock.

Activation Lock on Apple Vision Pro prevents someone else from setting up your helmet for use. This will increase the chance that the device will be returned to you if it is lost or stolen.

If someone steals your Apple Vision Pro:

  • They will not be able to unlock the device because it is password protected.
  • If an attacker suddenly knows the password, he will also need your Apple ID information to disable the Activation Lock function and reset the device.
  • Even if an attacker manages to reset the device, when trying to set up, Activation Lock will not allow it to be completed without your Apple ID data. As a result, there will be no use for the helmet except to sell it for parts.

How to enable Activation Lock on Vision Pro

If you’re signed in to your device using your Apple ID, the feature is likely already enabled. Here’s how to make sure:

  1. Open the Settings app  on your Apple Vision Pro.
  2. In the upper left corner, select your name .
  3. Select the “Locator” section  and enable the  “Find device” option to protect the helmet with Activation Lock.

How to disable Activation Lock

Disable the Find My Device function and disable Activation Lock. You can follow the steps above to disable the feature.

If you sign out of your Apple ID account on the Vision Pro through  Settings  >  Apple ID name  >  Sign Out , this will turn off Activation Lock.

You can also disable Activation Lock remotely on your Vision Pro if you don’t have one:

  1. Open the Find My app  on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can also visit  and sign in using your Apple ID, which is used on the Vision Pro.
  2. Select the Devices section  of the app and then select your Vision Pro. On the iCloud website, the helmet can be selected in the  “All devices” section section .
  3. Click the Remove Device option to disable Activation Lock on Apple Vision Pro.

Now a new user will be able to set up Vision Pro using their Apple ID or use the helmet without an Apple ID.

How to bypass Activation Lock on Vision Pro

The only way to bypass Activation Lock on the Apple Vision Pro is to use the Apple ID and password with which the helmet was set up. If your Apple ID is saved on your device, but you don’t remember its password, you can reset it. After this, you can enter a new password to bypass Activation Lock.

If you no longer have access to your Apple ID, you can contact Apple Support, provide proof that you purchased Vision Pro, and they will help you remove the Activation Lock.

How to check Activation Lock when purchasing a used Vision Pro

While most Find My features don’t work on Apple Vision Pro, Activation Lock does. This is why when buying a used Vision Pro helmet from someone you need to check if the Activation Lock is turned on. For this:

  • Ask the previous owner to reset the Vision Pro through the Settings app >  General  >  Transfer or reset Apple Vision Pro  >  Erase all content and settings.

2)  Now put the Apple Vision Pro on your head and set it up. Use your Apple ID to log in.

If the Activation Lock screen appears during setup, ask the previous owner to enter their Apple ID information. He can also remove Vision Pro from his account through the Find My app on his iPhone or Mac, or through the icloud website com find . We have already written about this in the section “How to disable Activation Lock”.

Once Activation Lock is turned off, use your Apple ID on your device.

If the previous owner is unwilling or unable to disable Activation Lock, do not buy the device. You will not be able to use it without disabling Activation Lock, even if you are convinced otherwise.


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