How to Hide the App List in Windows 10’s Start Menu
How to Hide the App List in Windows 10’s Start Menu

Today we will be giving you another wonderful tutorial on how best you can hide the App list in your Computer Windows 10 Menu. I believe after using your computer with many new apps installed on it, you start to see an alphabetical App list whenever you tap the window key on your keyboard or click the Window icon on your computer. Stay glued to this part as we will guide on hows to hide the App list to have a sleeker Smart Start Menu, Here’s how.

Below is the typical example of how the Window 10 Start Menu with alphabetical app list looks like (your app list will vary base on the app you have installed on your PC). Highlighted are the App list in red.

You need to make some little change in Windows Settings, If you’d like to disable that app list.

Tap the Window Key then click the “Settings” icon by clicking the “Start” menu and selecting the “Gear” icon or by pressing Windows+I.

After clicking the Setting icon above the below page will appear you are to click the click “Personalization.”

In Personalization, click “Start” in the sidebar.

After clicking the Start menu from above it will show a labeled button with “Show App List In Start Menu.” it will be On now click on it to switch it “Off.”

The next time you open your Window 10 Start menu, you’ll see a smaller menu without the app list. Don’t be scared your App lists are not gone forever, click the “All Apps” button in the sidebar you want to see the app list again,

After that, the app list will pop open, and show the full alphabetical list of your installed apps, but the Start menu will stay sleek and small.

To switch back to the previous view at any time, click the “Pinned Tiles” button located just above the “All Apps” button in the Start menu.

Have fun customizing your computer

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