How to install any iOS app from iPhone and iPad on Mac M1
How to install any iOS app from iPhone and iPad on Mac M1

iPhone and iPad apps can be easily downloaded from the Mac App Store and run on MacBook Air, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro with an M1 processor. However, Apple gave developers the option to not add Mac support, and many took advantage of it.

Now it is revealed that you can manually install application IPA files on the Mac M1 model.

This requires a copy of the IPA file associated with your Apple ID. This means that you cannot simply download a file from the Internet or share yours with other users. So how do you extract the IPA file of an application from an iPhone?

How to Install Apps from iPhone to Mac M1

With iMazing, you can download application IPA files from your iPhone.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and launch the iMazing app.
  2. Select the “Applications” section, and from the tabs at the bottom select “Application Management”.
  3. Now select the “Library” section.
  4. Download the applications you need.
  5. Right-click on the downloaded application and select “Export IPA”.

When you export the IPA file, you just need to double click it and it will install itself. You can open the app through Finder, Launchpad, or easily add it to the Dock. It will be located in the Applications folder.

It works with most iPhone and iPad apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Dark Sky, and Instagram. However, some apps like WhatsApp and Apple Store won’t open on Mac.

There are several nuances. Firstly, the developers of these applications didn’t add Mac support to them for anything. Many functions in them work strangely or do not work at all. Netflix, for example, lacks full-screen mode and even the ability to resize the window.

Instagram is working fine, but the window is very small. The Plex app works best. TikTok also performed well. There is no point in complaining about a malfunction since the developers intentionally did not add support for the Mac.

Most likely, Apple will block this method in the future. This is an unofficial method of installing applications, so it won’t be available forever. For now, take it as a temporary solution.

Download iMazing software for free.


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