How To Install Custom Recovery On Android Device
How To Install Custom Recovery On Android Device
To have the Custom recovery install on your device, you will need ADB drivers installed on your computer and the MTKDroid tool; you can download it here. Connect your switched on rooted MediaTek device to your computer and open the MTKDroid tool, the tool will recognize that your device is connected to it. The colour indicator in the bottom left corner will be green.
You already have the root shell and can go on to the next step; if it is yellow, click on the root button at the bottom, and wait for the progress bar. If the indicator stays yellow, or you get an error message, this probably means you do not have Busybox installed, and you can install it from the Google play store. When the indicator turns green, you have a root shell, which is necessary for this operation.

Next, click on the tab ‘root, backup, recovery’ and select ‘to use boot from phone’, then click on ‘recovery and boot’, and shortly after, a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to ‘make cwm recovery automatically’ click yes.
The tool will then create the recovery, and another dialogue box will appear asking to ‘install created recovery to phone,’ click yes.

And finally, the tool will ask to reboot into recovery mode, click yes, and the device will reboot into CWM recovery so you can check the installation was successful.

Thanks to Rua1 for creating this brilliant tool.

Custom recovery for Tenco P5 COT
First download Mobile Uncle
secondly, download This
Place the recovery.img on the root of your sdcard; now launch Mobile uncle tools and select
recovery update; it will show the recovery.img
install and reboot to recovery….your device should boot int CTR menu




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