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How to Install iOS 15.4 Beta on iPhone

How to Install iOS 15.4 Beta on iPhone

Apple has already released the free public beta of iOS 15.4 to everyone. In addition to major new features, the update includes new emoji, a new Wallet app widget, password notes, and more.

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How to Install the iOS 15.4 Public Beta

  1. First, back up your iPhone or iPad.
  2. From your iPhone or iPad, visit this site.
  3. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and log in by clicking “Login”.
  4. Make sure you have the iOS tab selected.
  5. Scroll down and in the “Getting Started” section,  click  “register your iOS device .
  6. Scroll down and click Download Profile.
  7. On the notification, click Allow and then Close.
  8. Now go to “Settings” > “Profile loaded” > “Install” . Enter your password if necessary.
  9. Click “Install” two more times. To complete, you will need to restart your device.
  10.  After the reboot, go to “Settings”\u003e General\u003e Software Update .
  11. You will see the iOS 15 beta available for you to download and install.



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