If they do not answer your calls, there is the possibility that they have you blocked. There are several ways to check if this is the case or if they are using the ‘Do not disturb’ mode.
We will teach you to detect if someone has blocked your phone number on their iPhone.Do you suspect that someone has blocked your phone number? If you are surprised that the person you have called several times does not answer the phone, you may have reason to think that someone does not want to talk to you.

Since the iOS 7 update, the iPhone operating system includes a call blocking option. This has made it much easier for us to block someone, but at the same time the chances of them blocking our number are also higher.

There is no more secure way than by accessing the other person’s blocked contact list to find out if this is the case, but As this is surely not a possibility, you will like to know that there are other ways. Below we give you the keys to know if someone has blocked your number on their iPhone.

You will have to pay attention to the number of tones that sound before the voice mail box jumps, what happens when you try to send them a text message or other signals that would justify that it has been blocked a phone number on iPhone.

What happens when you call someone who has blocked your number?

At Techswizz Spain, we want to check what happens when you call a mobile that has your number blocked. To do this, we include the number of iPhone A in the list of blocked contacts of iPhone B and use the first one to call the second.

The number of rings before the answering machine is exactly one. After notifying us that the number we are calling is not available, we are redirected to voicemail and invited to leave a message.

However, iPhone B does not receive any notification regarding the new voice message, although we can still hear it somewhat later in the ‘Blocked messages’ section of our answering machine, just below the ‘Deleted messages’.

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Certainly, this could indicate that the person you want to contact has the phone disconnected or the option to activate automatically redirect calls to voicemail.

To rule out these possibilities, you can follow one of these three procedures.

  1. Try to call the same number immediately using a different phone or mobile that you do not think has been blocked. If the answering machine continues to skip after a tone, it is most likely switched off.
  2. Before making the call with your mobile, hide your phone number using the code ‘ # 31 # ‘before the number of the person you suspect that has blocked you. If multiple tones sound before the answering machine, it is more than likely that you have blocked.
  3. Hide your number by deactivating the option ‘ Show ID ‘ in the section ‘ Telephone ‘of the’ Settings ‘on your iPhone and try calling again. If you don’t answer or skip the mailbox after just one tone, it may not have you blocked.

What happens when you send a message to someone who has blocked your number?

Knowing if someone has blocked you through message is much more complicated, if not impossible, since the person who sends it from a potentially blocked mobile phone does not receive any signal to indicate this.

We tried to send a message from iPhone A (mobile blocked) to iPhone B (mobile blocked) and everything continues his course as usual. We do not receive any error notification, but instead of the iPhone B no message or notification arrives.

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Also, if we try to send the message as iMessage, iPhone B does not receive it either, while in A we are indicates that it has been sent. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the message always appears in blue and does not attempt to be sent as SMS.

‘Do not disturb’: the other reason why you cannot contact a person

Some iPhone users take advantage of the option ‘Do not bother’ -which can be activated by clicking on the crescent icon of ‘Control center ‘- to not receive any calls temporarily when, for example, they are sleeping or in a meeting.

If you suspect that your friend has blocked you, it could well be the case that he simply opted for this function that offers the iOS system, which will also make the answering machine jump only after a tone.

How to call someone who has blocked you?

It is even alarming how easy it is to call someone who has blocked your phone number. The solution is in the ‘Show ID’ option that we have announced before as one of the options to check if someone has blocked you.

Deactivating the switch next to ‘ Show ID ‘ in the section ‘ Telephone ‘of the’ Settings ‘on your iPhone will prevent any contact blocking program from recognizing your number and preventing you from making the call, so you can contact another person without a problem.

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