How to set Chrome as the default browser in iOS 14
How to set Chrome as the default browser in iOS 14

If you are one of those browser users who love to use Google Chrome over Safari, then this very post is for you with the arrival of iOS 14 you can make it your default browser to open any web links from any application. We are going to show you how to go about it.

Until now, most iPhone users have used Safari as their main browser on mobile. After all, it is the default browser made by Apple for iPhone, it is secure, fast, and tremendously efficient, with interesting privacy protection functions.

However, with the arrival of iOS 14, Apple offers its users the ability to use third-party browsers freely (even if they have to use Apple’s WebKit page rendering engine), especially by setting it as the default web page browser.

We believe they are millions of iPhone and iPad users who prefer to use Chrome than safari, either because of Google’s integration with its other services or simply to sync more easily with the version of Chrome for their desktop computer.

Although using Chrome on iPhone or iPad is quite easy, you will remember that there was no way to make it the default browser. If you happened to hit a web link in another app like Mail or Messages, the page would just open in Safari.

With iOS 14, Apple is finally adding the ability for the email app and web browsers to be selectable by users so they can set the ones they determine as a priority.

Chrome is one of the first to offer the option. Now that you have updated your iPhone to iOS 14, Read on to get the simple step on how to make Chrome your default browser for iPhone without stress.

How to set Chrome as the default web browser

First of all, make sure you are running iOS 14 on your iPhone and then have updated your installed version of Chrome. Follow these steps:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down and tap on Chrome
  • Tap the ‘App’ from the default browser
  • Select Chrome

It is as simple as that. To return to using Safari as your default browser, uninstall Chrome and return to this settings menu to select Safari.

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