How to set up Face ID with a mask on iPhone with iOS 15.4

Previously, the Face ID system on the iPhone could not recognize masked faces. Of course, there is one life hack, but it does not always work. Because of this, you have to use your passcode or Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone in public.

In iOS 15.4 beta, Face ID can recognize your masked face. The system recognizes unique facial features in the eye area for authorization.

When used while wearing a mask, the Face ID system is less accurate, Apple says, but tests show it’s just as fast.

The Face ID system works most accurately when recognizing the entire face. When using Face ID in a mask, the system only recognizes unique facial features in the eye area.

How to use Face ID while wearing a mask

You do not need to wear a mask to set up the function. Unfortunately, it’s only available on iPhone 12 and newer.

  • Once you install iOS 15.4 (only in beta so far), you’ll see a screen explaining and setting up Face ID in a mask on iPhone 12 and 13.
    • If you click Set Up Later, then you’ll need to go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Use Masked Face ID.


  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Face ID while wearing a mask.
  • If you wear glasses on the first scan, iOS will ask you to take them off for the second.


  • If you sometimes wear glasses, use the “Add glasses” option after setting the function.

Unlocking with Face ID while wearing a mask works quite accurately and quickly. It’s much faster than unlocking an iPhone with an Apple Watch.

If you turn off mask unlock and later want to turn it back on, you won’t have to reconfigure the feature. Sunglasses function does not support.


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