how to take a screenshot of an entire website


Take a screenshot of an entire website: Who has not ever needed to take a screenshot? When it comes to capturing a screen, or rather a part of the screen, things are more or less easy. We can search the Internet for how to do it, since our Mac has a combination of keys that helps us with this operation (Shift, Command and 4). But things can get very complicated when it comes to capturing an entire website. Especially now that many of them have opted for what is called infinite scroll. But do not worry because there are methods to achieve our goal. Let’s see some of them.

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Before we start, I do want to say that some of the tools that we can use work with browsers other than Safari. Therefore, if you are one of those who do not use other navigation engines, the following tutorial may be a bit lame for you. Of course, I would like to encourage you to use other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome. The latter may not be the safest and even the lightest to run, but being so, so widely used worldwide, developers turn to it to create extensions that serve us as users to make our lives easier: Create tools like the ones we want to see below.

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Safari

We start with Safari, which is the default browser on our Macs

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Safari
Take a screenshot of an entire website with Safari

I have to say that from Safari, the way to capture screen may be one of the simplest that has ever been seen. Now, the problem comes when the Web has a lot of content and you have to, let’s say, compile everything captured. Sometimes it gets stuck and the goal is not achieved. In addition to the fact that there are some Web pages that have inserted tools that serve to avoid, precisely, the screenshots, both incomplete and complete. To be able to capture, we are going to do the following:

If we want to capture what we are seeing on the screen, we press Shift, Command and 3. I say this because sometimes the Web we are seeing is not very extensive and we can minimize the zoom and thus the entire Web fits on a single screen . We apply the combination of keys and we will be able to capture all that Web. Logically, we capture what we see, not the submenus nor do you enter them to other entries…etc.

Now, if the Web is longer , then one of the options is:

  1. Print the Web in PDF format. With that we will be able to capture in that format the entire web in front of us even without scrolling. But beware, there are times when this does not come to fruition due to the amount of information it contains and the PDF is never generated.

Do not forget to go to the desktop , which is where by default the captures made in Safari are saved.

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Chrome

Chrome. The browser with many extensions that will be of great help

We already said that Chrome may not be the best browser for our Macs, due to its limited or at least uncertain privacy in certain aspects. But it is a browser that is widely used and therefore there are numerous extensions that can help us achieve our goal.

Let’s see what options we can have:

  1. Get the capture in PDF : When we are on the Web that we want to capture, we direct our gaze to the upper right margin. There and located in the top bar of the browser, we have the option to print. Just see that we have the option to save as PDF in the Destination category. Clever. By the way, if you can’t find what I’m telling you, press either Ctrl + P from the keyboard to open the print window.
  2. Let’s go with the extensions of this browser:
    1. If we want, for example, to save the page in image format, we can use: Impressive screenshot and screen recorder

Another extension that works really well is called FireShot.In fact this is the one I normally use. Why? for its simplicity, for its ability to save the screenshot in many formats and because this extension is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey and other Chromium-based browsers. But it is that in addition, it is a program that works yes or yes. It has never let me down and it has never failed me. It has always managed to take Web screenshots, no matter how heavy they are and no matter how many Megabytes the PDF it generates occupies. (I usually capture in PDF). But it is also that the options that it gives us when we are capturing are very broad. We can edit, we can capture on the fly. It is very cool to be able to see how it scrolls by itself, to capture all the content.

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Edge browser

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Safari
Take a screenshot of an entire website with Safari

Microsoft’s browser, too, has its different ways of capturing the entire Web. As always, we have the option to print the screen in PDF format, but it is true that this option and in this browser has hardly ever worked well for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always found Web with limitations , or because Edge doesn’t want to.

Now, install the above extension . you will not regret

Take a screenshot of an entire website with Firefox

If we want to capture web pages as PDF in Firefox , we must first download a compatible extension such as  PDF Mage , totally free and quite popular. To do this, download the extension through its  official address in Firefox . Once we have installed the extension we can start working with it. Taking into account that when we are on the Web that we want to capture, we must activate the tool.

Take a screenshot of an entire website with firefox
Take a screenshot of an entire website with firefox

Click on the PDF Mage icon located in the right corner of the toolbar in the shape of PDF letters and a wizard hat. The program will do its magic by automatically opening the PDF image from the web page capture. Now we only have to save the file and to do so, click on the download icon  represented by a leaf and an arrow pointing down, located in the upper right part of the screen.


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