Welcome to another nice tutorial from us; today, we will be showing you how best to turn off all sensors on your device. Google ups its games with every major Android version release when it comes to security and privacy. Permission can now be granted to any app only while we are using it on Android 10. A one-time cool permission set is now available in Android Android 11; with these, apps permission is effectively dealt with. Another device component that you should be aware of is sensors. Some apps will gather useful important device data after reading device sensors.

The gyroscope is used as a keylogger to read important information. Here is another scenario along the same lines that many might have faced. In the middle of a call and you trying to bring up the keypad for some reason, your device screen would turn itself off if your fingers hover over the proximity sensors. For a lot of users, it plain right infuriating. The solution to the above problems is rather simple: disabling all sensors on your device will help fix that. In this post, the detailed steps will be outlined for you.

How to Turn Off All Sensors on Android Smartphone

Via the Quick Settings toggle is the option to which carry the aforementioned task is carried out. However, this toggle is hidden; to unlock that will be from the Developer option, which in turn is itself hidden. Follow along as the given steps below will bring up the Developer options and then the toggle to turn off all sensors on your device.

Step 1: Enabling USB Debugging

  1. Go to the Setting page of your Android device.
  2. Now scroll down to the About Phone section, then tap the Build Number 7 times.
  3. You will now get a pop-up message saying that you are now a developer.

4. Now go back to your settings page, and scroll to system, then tap Advanced. For some devices like Xiaomi, you will see the Developer options without tapping Advanced after tapping the system.

5. In the Developer options, you will see many toggle options we will be using to turn off all the sensors on your device. Follow the steps below to see how to go about it.

STEP 2: Enabling the Sensors Off Toggle

  1. Go to the Quick Settings Developer Tiles option, In the Developer Options.
  2. Enable the Sensor toggle option to put it off.
  3. As soon as the above steps are done, you will then see the Sensor Off toggle icon in your Quick Settings panel.
  4. Tap on it Once to disable all the sensors in your device: gyroscope, compass, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and others.

If you have any queries relating to steps, do leave a comment.


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