How to Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing in Google Chrome
Enhanced Safe Browsing

In May 2020, Google launched the ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’ feature in Chrome to provide real-time web protections for its users. As we all know, security and privacy are big concerns when it comes to browsers. Google built-in a tool in Chrome which attempts to make browsing safer for you. The “Enhanced Safe Browsing” is the tool, and we are going to show you how to use the tool. 

What Is Enhanced Safe Browsing?

“Safe Browsing” is a dangerous list of URLs maintained by Google protecting its users from malicious websites; this tool protects more than four billion users every day. With Safe Browsing enabled, the browser shares more of your browsing data with Google to allow threat assessments to be more proactive and accurate, though it presents a privacy concern. 

Enhanced Safe Browsing From Google’s description enables the following:

  • It warns you about some threatening events before they happen.
  • It keeps you safe on Chrome and may be used to improve your security in other Google apps when you are signed in.
  • It enhances security for you and everyone on the web.
  • It warns you if passwords are exposed in a data breach.

Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing in Chrome

It is available for Chrome on Android and desktop. At the moment of writing this post, It’s not available for iPad and iPhone. The process to enable it is very similar on both platforms.

First, click the top-right corner three-dot menu icon of your Google Chrome browser and then click “Settings” from the menu list.

Top right corner three dot menu icon

From the above SETTINGS clicked, go to the “Privacy and Security.”

Google Chrome Privacy and Security

On Android, it’s called “Safe Browsing.”

Android Safe Browsing

While on the desktop, click “Security.” 

Google Chrome Security

Select the radio button to enable “Enhanced Protection.”

Google Chrome Enhanced Protection

That’s it! You won’t notice anything different in your everyday browsing, but you’ll now have better protection. If something is amiss, Google Chrome will give you a warning.

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