How to use Apple Podcast

How to use Apple Podcast
How to use Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast offers you a wide variety of podcasts to learn and entertain yourself. We will tell you everything you need to know about the Apple Podcast app.

Apple Podcast is one of the most popular Apple tools. Thanks to it you can access a vast library of podcasts thanks to which you can learn or simply entertain yourself.

Although there are many applications through which you can listen to podcasts, Apple Podcast is the app designed exclusively by Apple for its devices, making it highly recommended.

The first thing you will have to do, once you have the app installed on the device you have chosen (macOS or iOS), you will have to find the program you want to listen to.

Go to the app’s search engine and type in the genre you want to find, such as “history” or “feminism”. Then podcast shows related to that topic will appear.

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Apple Podcast: subscribe or unsubscribe from a program

When you have browsed and researched the Apple Podcast gallery enough, you will come across programs that you will surely want to keep listening to. For this, it is recommended that you subscribe to said program.

To do this, you just have to tap on its information page and click ‘Subscribe’. In this way, each time there are new episodes, they will be downloaded free to your device.

Thanks to this, you can listen to those podcasts whenever you want, even if there is no Internet connection. It is worth mentioning that whenever you want you can download individual episodes, simply by clicking or tapping on the ‘Download’ button.

In addition, you will receive a notification thanks to which you can be aware of all the new episodes that come to your favorite program.

In this sense, several things can also happen: you may have a busier time and you are not interested in listening to new programs; Or you may want to stop listening to that show forever.

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In the first of the two cases, you should know that you can pause your subscription to any program if you wish. This means that all the episodes you have downloaded will continue to be in your library, but that new ones will not be downloaded until you activate the subscription again.

In the second case, you will be interested in canceling your subscription. To do this, go to the program page, select the ‘More’ option and then ‘Cancel subscription’.

If automatic downloads tend to bother you (it usually happens if you have little space on the phone), follow these steps to disable them:

  • On iPhone: ‘Settings> Podcasts> Download episodes> Deactivate’
  • On Mac: ‘Podcasts> Preferences> General> Automatically download episodes> Never’

Apple Podcast: how it works

When you already have several programs and episodes in your library you will notice that the interface of the application is quite intuitive. You will see that when you are listening to any program, a player appears at the bottom of the screen if you are on iPhone, or at the top if you are on Mac.

Thanks to this player you will not have to interrupt any other activity that you are carrying out with your device. Now, if you need to pause, change programs or carry out any other action, you will have to touch the player to open all the options of the playback control.

The playback control options are as follows:

  • Fast forward or backward: tap on the back button 15 seconds or fast forward 30 seconds.
  • Customize the playback speed: on iPhone, tap on the ‘Playback speed’ button. On Mac go to ‘Controls’ and choose the desired speed.
  • Set a sleep timer: Swipe up and choose ‘sleep timer’ (only on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch).
  • Play from speaker: choose ‘play destination’.

There is an option that is also worth mentioning. If you want to listen to a program in the correct order, you will want to listen to all its episodes in chronological order. However, there are those who prefer to listen to the most recent episodes first and leave the first ones for later.

To configure the podcast playback order of any program, go to ‘More> Settings’. Then choose ‘Play in sequence’ or ‘Play the most recent first’, whichever you prefer.
On the other hand, you should know that you can leave reviews about the different programs you listen to and thus help other people to choose quality podcasts. To leave reviews and rate podcasts, just search for the program you want to rate and choose the ‘Ratings and reviews’ option at the bottom.

In that section you can choose to write a comment on the podcast or choose how many stars to give it.


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