How to use Instagram on your Mac and be able to upload photos

If you have edited photos on your Mac and would like to be able to upload them to Instagram from the same Mac, you will like to know that there are several options that allow you to use your Instagram account on Mac. Although there is no application of its own, it does There are options available like using Safari, or third-party apps like Flume or Uplet. We tell you more below.

Upload photos to Instagram from Safari

Before starting you have to understand that the Instagram application is designed to be used on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad or smartphone). However, if you access the Instagram website and you log in you can comment on photos, like and enjoy videos and images.

However, you will not be able to upload any photos or videos to Instagram from the website (at least initially). There is a way to “trick” Instagram into thinking that you are accessing the website through an iPhone.

In this way, you can upload photos and videos to your Instagram account from your Mac. You will surely be wondering how. At Macworld we have the answer:

  1. Open Safari and go to ‘Preferences> Advanced’.
  2. Make sure that the option ‘Show the development menu’ is activated, and therefore appears in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Now go to the Instagram website and log in with your account. Select (in the top menu bar) ‘Development> User Agent> Safari – iOS 11 – iPhone ‘.

Once this is done, the Instagram website will reload (you will have to refresh the page manually if this does not happen), and the mobile version of Instagram will appear.

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Select the camera icon, find the image you want to publish, and select it.

Next, you will see a preview of the image with the basic editing options (rotate, choose size or frame). Once you are satisfied with the image, click ‘Next’ , write a title and share with your Instagram followers.

Disadvantages of using this technique? You will not be able to upload videos to Instagram from Safari, and the worst: you will not be able to access the advanced editing option and its range of filters that the mobile version of Instagram does offer.

Once again, we have solutions. Read on to find out how to upload photos to Instagram from PC.

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Upload photos to Instagram from other applications

one. How to upload photos to Instagram from Flume

Among the most popular applications is Flume. Through this app, You will see your feed the instagram in an elegant, clean, and intuitive interface.

At first glance, it seems that the application only shows a sequence of images without text and without options to like or leave comments. However, clicking on a photo will show its title, along with the icons that will allow you to comment on the photo or like it.

The application will also show you your recent notifications, the best images and even offers you selected profile recommendations based on what you publish.

It also offers the possibility of using Instagram Direct, which allows users to exchange messages and photos privately.

However, the most impressive feature of Flume is its ease of uploading photos or videos to Instagram, something that few specialized applications to upload photos to Instagram from PC offer.

You will simply have to place the mouse over the lower left corner of the application and the menu will appear. Then click on the camera icon and take a photo or video from there, or if you prefer upload one from your Mac.

However, not all that glitters is gold.

Although Flume is free to download, it has a limited number of uploads of photos to your account. Once the limit is exceeded you will have to subscribe to the Flume Pro version.

This version is not available in the App Store, so you will have to download it from the Flume website.

You can download Flume for free here.

2. How to upload photos to Instagram from Uplet

Although Uplet itself does not offer the ability to navigate through your feed of Instagram, it does offer different features that may interest the most pro users of Instagram.

Uplet is very easy to use application. It is available at Mac App Store and allows Instagram users to upload photos in a few seconds. And there is still more.

You can edit each photo or video (just like on Instagram), and add individual phrases on each photo. It also has the cropping option, so you can crop the photo you want to upload to Instagram so that it has the square shape that Instagram requires.

Uplet is recommended for pro users, Instagram lovers. Our complaint: the application does not yet support the tool of uploading multiple photos, as it does in the mobile version of Instagram.

However, we imagine that this tool will be incorporated in future Uplet updates.

Uplet costs 16, 20 €, but you can also find a free (limited) demo at Uplet website. Like Flume, it is no longer available in the Mac App Store.

3. How to use an emulator to upload photos to Instagram

Another way to upload photos to Instagram from a Mac is an emulator. One of the most consistent and reliable emulators we’ve come across is Bluestacks, a free Android emulator that can be download here. It will be practically like installing Instagram on your Mac or PC.

Once downloaded, you must configure an emulated Android device. For this, you will need a Google account and a Bluestacks account.

You must link the two accounts. Once this is done, you can use the Android emulator to go to the Play Store (which is the Android equivalent of the App Store) and install Instagram.

Now you can log in to your Instagram account and use the application as you would if you were using a mobile device. This means that you can upload all the photos and videos you want to Instagram without having to use a smartphone or iPhone.

Remember that if you want to use your MacBook or Mac, but you don’t have an Internet connection, you can use your iPhone as router.


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