How to View Notes from iPhone on Windows PC

Apple’s Notes app does not have a Windows or browser version. However, below we will share two ways to view your notes from iPhone, iPad, and Mac on a Windows computer.

The web version of iCloud Notes

It’s the easiest way to view, create, edit and delete your notes on Windows and Linux computers. Everything is done through the browser.

  1. Open  in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID that you use on your iPhone. You can find it in the very faith of the “Settings” application.
  3. Select the “Notes” section.
  4. Here you can view all your notes. You can even create new notes, open protected ones, edit, move, delete, and restore notes. All changes will be reflected on your Apple devices as well.

In this way, you can only view notes that are stored in your iCloud. If you store your notes in a Gmail account, etc., use the second method.

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To view notes stored locally on your iPhone on your computer, you’ll first need to transfer them to iCloud.

Via Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo

On the iPhone, you can store notes in your Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and other accounts. To do this, on the iPhone, go to “Settings” > “Notes” > “Accounts” > “Add Account” .

After that, the folders of the added accounts will be displayed in the Notes application. You can create and store notes in these folders.

On a computer, notes from different accounts are viewed differently.


You can view, but not edit, notes in your Gmail folder via  >  Notes. The main thing is to use the same Google account as on the iPhone.


You can view and edit notes from an Outlook folder via  >  Notes. All changes are synced to your iPhone. If the sync doesn’t happen automatically, just create a new note in your Outlook folder. This will activate the sync.

Compared to Gmail and Yahoo, Outlook’s approach is more convenient in that it allows you to edit your notes on your computer and sync the changes.


To view notes from the Yahoo folder, open  on your PC and select the Notes section.

You can move notes from your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook folders to iCloud, but you can’t move notes from iCloud to these folders.

It will be more convenient to use the first method, simply by saving notes in iCloud. If this alignment does not suit you, there is a second way for you.

If you use your iPhone and Windows computer regularly, there are great alternatives to the Notes app. These include Microsoft OneNote,  Simplenote,  Google Keep, and  Evernote.


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