Download HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool Versions

Download HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool Versions
HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool Versions

On this page, you will find the Download link of HQXA CustomerDL EMMC All Version, which allows you to flash stock firmware on your Qualcomm Chipset based Device without the need of any extra software or flashtool.

HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool is a window software used to flash Stock signed firmware on Tecno, iTel and Infinix devices with Qualcomm chips. If you are into phone software flashing, you must have come across the popular infinix Qualcomm devices half menu icon after flashing with other tool. This problem can be easily solved using this tool.

HQXA Transsion CustomerDL EMMC Tool is compatible with all Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). Download the tool from the link below.

After extracting the file above, launch ets.startrun.exe
On the login popup window that appears, use any of the following details

ID: user
Test Sel: Customer -EMMC Download

If you are using the above to login, you will be limited to do certain functions like changing the firmware path.

ID: power
KEY: b573f24e55d6b7547cb53bd67b8f50a5256006ff
Test Sel: Customer -EMMC Download

Using power to login will give you access to all functions. If using the KEY above keeps giving you error, open HQXA Transsion CustomerDL EMMC folder > PublicCfg
use notepad++ or any text editor then edit ets.login.xml and ets.password and delete the password key as shown on the images below then login with no password.
password edit2
password edit

How to use HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool

A quick guide explaining how to use HQXA Trassion EMMC Tool

  1. Install Qualcomm drivers
  2. Connect phone while in edl mode
  3. Run the flash tool by double-clicking ‘ets.startrun.exe’
  4. Input the username and password if the tool requires one
    username: Power
    password:  leave_blank
    Test Sel:    Customer -EMMC Download
  5. Click “SET” > Change Path & assign path of firmware.
  6. Click “USB” then select Qualcomm 9008 port
  7. Click SET again and under port setting > select Port No.
  8. Click “Start All” to start flashing

Download HQXA CustomerDL EMMC Tool Versions



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