Huawei has successively topped the DxOMark chart each time it launches a new flagship. This is due to the recognized quality of their cameras, and it looks like the new Mate 30 Pro does not disappoint.

The newly launched four-camera rear camera achieves a rating of 121 points in this ranking. It surpasses the previous leader, the Galaxy Note 10 5G, which has 117 points.

The Top 10 from DxOMark to 26 September 2019

Rating is divided into photography, video, and front camera

This is a classification divided into three points: photography, video and front camera. The front camera is the weakest point of the smartphone, with 93 points, getting the video 100 points. As far as photography is concerned (with the rear camera), it reaches 131.

According to this ranking, the highlight Mate’s 30 Pro is your exhibit , processing, zooming and photos at night. Regarding P 30 Pro, the Mate achieves a better white balance but also better zoom results.

In the field of selfies, Mate 30 Pro is below 99 Points achieved by Note 10 5G from Samsung. Again, Mate’s front camera 30 Pro shows not to be the best in the segment.

At the end of the day, it’s the user experience that counts. This is just a ranking, and you will be the user to choose if you prefer the results of a Mate 30 Pro, Galaxy Note 10 or one of the new iPhone.

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