Who doesn’t remember those futuristic sci-fi movies where we see flying cars. We all think that this may be the future of mobility, and that future may be closer than expected.

Hyundai has founded an Urban Air Mobility Division to work on developing flying cars. . Leading this new division is Dr. Jaiwon Shin, former NASA aeronautical engineer.

Under the leadership of Dr. Jaiwon Shin, Huyndai wants to assert itself as one of the most important entities in the world. that concerns flying cars. The truth is that we do not currently have big bets on this market and that could be a great asset for the Korean brand.

One of the goals of Hyundai’s new division is to create innovative and intelligent traffic solutions across the globe. One of the solutions that the company seems to have in mind is, precisely, flying cars.

This sector is expected to grow strongly in the coming months 20 years

Currently, the automotive industry is more focused on the development of electric cars. These types of vehicles are increasingly the present, but the future is expected to be even bolder.

Hence it is thought that the flying car industry could grow by $ 1.5 trillion. In the next years. However, we do not know how long it will take flying cars to be ready for the consumer.

Still, it is important to see brands starting to bet on these technologies. We’ll see how effectively this can be our future.

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