Identified and kicked out of the Play Store a spyware interested in many sensitive data

It was identified by Trend Micro “hunters” spyware, MobSTSPY, interested in collecting sensitive user data by nesting within some apps legitimately distributed on the Play Store (but already removed).

The analysis of the specialists was focused on the Flappy Birr Dog game, but it was also recorded on  FlashLight, HZPermis Pro Arabe, Win7imulator, Win7Launcher and Flappy Bird.

Android users alert: 13 apps to remove already

The spyware basket, in communication with the malicious servers via Firebase Cloud Messaging, has been filled several times with the location of the smartphone, the SMS conversations, the call log, the elements of the clipboard and more generally all the information requested by the own servers, some visible from the screenshot below.



The considerable danger of malware derives for the most part from the ability to remove the credentials of the Facebook and Google accounts with the phishing technique. According to Trend Micro analyzes, users in 196 different countries have had to deal with malicious software, with a greater diffusion in India.

Even Italy the figure in the infinite list of the regions concerned but the spread seems to have been marginal. The advice, never too obvious, is to uninstall the applications mentioned at the beginning.


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