How to Increase Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness


Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness: Want to get the most out of your Apple Watch Ultra screen? Or set the brightness of your Apple Watch SeriesHow to Increase Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness 8, SE, or earlier Apple Watch to maximum? In this article, we will tell you how to make the Apple Watch screen much brighter and some important details about the brightness of Apple Watch displays.

Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness

Along with the largest screen at 49mm, the Apple Watch Ultra also comes with a display twice as bright as other Apple smartwatches.

However, on Apple Watch Ultra,  Series 8, SE, and earlier, the screen brightness is not set to full brightness by default.

watchOS doesn’t have a setting to disable auto-brightness like the iPhone does, even though smartwatches include an ambient light sensor (since the original Apple Watch). But you may notice that the screen brightness automatically increases outdoors or in other places with bright light.

The Apple Watch’s full brightness is especially useful when you’re using it outdoors, but you can also turn the brightness all the way up in other places.

We note right away that setting the maximum brightness to 2000 nits on the Apple Watch Ultra and 1000 nits on the Apple Watch 8 manually will not work, these brightness values ​​\u200b\u200bare set automatically when you are outside in bright sunlight or shine a flashlight on your watch.

How to Increase Apple Watch Screen Brightness

  1. On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Screen & Brightness
  3. Click on the sun icon  on the right to increase the brightness to the maximum
    • You can also click on the green bars to change the brightness.
    • There are three brightness levels in total and there is no auto-brightness option.
  4. That’s all!
  • Keep in mind that at maximum brightness, your watch battery will drain faster.
  • A full 2000 or 1000 nits depending on which Apple Watch you have, only activates automatically under certain lighting conditions, you can’t set it manually.

Here’s how to adjust the brightness of your Apple Watch:


Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness
Apple Watch Ultra Screen Brightness

Apple doesn’t say how Apple Watch’s full brightness affects battery life.


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