iPhone 14 Pro Reviews: Promising Dynamic Island and Impressive 48MP ProRAW Photos

iPhone 14 Pro Reviews: Promising Dynamic Island and Impressive 48MP ProRAW Photos

iPhone 14 Pro Reviews: First US customers will receive their brand new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on September 16th. Meanwhile, the first reviews of new smartphones have already begun to appear in publications and on YouTube channels.

Apple iPhone 13 VS iPhone 14, is it worth it?

Key new features on iPhone 14 Pro models include an always-on display with a new Dynamic Island, upgraded cameras with a 48MP main lens, accident detection, emergency satellite, A16 Bionic processor, and new body colors. Emergency satellite communications will become available only in November, so it is not possible to evaluate the feature yet.

The only difference between the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max is their size and weight. This year, even the cameras on smartphones are the same.

iPhone 14 Pro Reviews: Promising Dynamic Island and Impressive 48MP ProRAW Photos

Below, we’ve rounded up the highlights from the first reviews of the new iPhone 14 Pro models and even broken them down into individual features.

  • “Dynamic Island”
  • Always-on display
  • 48 MP camera
  • Purple and black cases
  • Processor A16 Bionic
  • Duration of work
  • Video

“Dynamic Island”

Exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models, the Dynamic Island replaces the notch found on all iPhone 13 models. Through integration with the system, the Dynamic Island can change shape and size to display incoming calls, notifications, Face authentication interface ID, timers, navigation, etc.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island
iPhone 14 Pro Reviews

The dynamic island is definitely more useful than the “bangs” on previous models, but The Verge review writes that the full potential of the function has not yet been realized. So far, the islet only supports third-party apps that use the “Now Playing” widget or the CallKit API.

“So far, Dynamic Island seems like a feature that needs another year of polishing before everyone realizes its real importance,” the review says.

Always-on display

TheStreet review says that the new always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro didn’t make much of a difference in battery life:

In my experience, the always-on display does not negatively impact the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max The iPhone 14 Pro was enough for me for a whole day of use, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max was enough for a day and a half in the same conditions. Thanks to the improvements of the 16 Bionic processor , smartphones really work efficiently.

48 MP camera

The Input review tested the 48MP camera and was surprised by the 48MP ProRAW photo. However, 12 megapixel photos are practically no different from the results of previous models.

I’ve tested a lot of Android smartphones with high resolution cameras and they always disappoint me a little. On the iPhone 13 Pro and 12 Pro, the ProRAW DNG photos were also not great, they had only a little more detail than in regular photos. However, the same cannot be said for 48MP ProRAW photos. These are huge photographs (often weighing 70-80 MB), and the amount of detail on them just rolls over.

In this review, you can see a lot of photos taken on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Purple and black cases

The Input reviewer also shared his impressions of the new black and purple body colors:

I used a black iPhone 14 Pro and I really like it. The glass back and steel frame are darker than the graphite iPhone 13 Pro . It’s like a mixture of regular black and matte black iPhone 7. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max in purple. It is dark purple, but sometimes appears gray or even black. Both smartphones look amazing, but both remain fingerprint magnets. Silver and gold colors are also available.

Processor A16 Bionic

Here are the results of Geekbench 5 tests for iPhone 14 Pro models, which showed smartphones were 16% faster:

  • iPhone 12 Pro: (A14 Bionic): 1586 single-core / 3937 multi-core
  • iPhone 13 Pro: (A15 Bionic): 1725 / 4722
  • iPhone 14 Pro: (A16 Bionic): 1875 / 5495

Duration of work

The Wall Street Journal review  says that the iPhone 14 Pro models do not last much longer than the iPhone 13 Pro models:

In terms of battery life, neither the iPhone 14 nor the iPhone 14 Pro lasted much longer than their predecessors. Perhaps the story is different with the iPhone 14 Plus , because this is a new model, and Apple promises that it lasts longer than all the others.

iPhone 14 Pro Reviews Video


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