Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Effective anti-virus on the phone

Kaspersky Anti-Virus has long gained high status in the field of IT security, and, in fact, the quality of the application can not cause criticism even among professional “virus hunters”. It should also be noted that KIS is among the top three antiviruses for Android. However, we often talked only about the desktop version of this anti-virus application from developer Evgeny Kaspersky. It is time to examine in all details the Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Kaspersky Internet Security) for Android, to study its main functions and capabilities for cleaning viruses on a mobile OS.

My goal is to write the most detailed and impartial review of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus antivirus, so that you can be sure that it is not just a utility that “eats” the phone’s memory, but also a real, working tool that can remove all the latest viruses on the phone, as well as other malicious elements, including banner modules, trojans, malware, keyloggers, spyware add-ons and spam on a mobile device.

How difficult is it to infect a phone with a virus nowadays?

“Pick up” the virus on Android is easier than you might imagine. often viruses are well disguised within other android-applications. In addition, the likelihood of infection of smartphones and tablets increases as you install uncertified (untested) apk-applications — often downloaded not from Google Play, but from other sites, since there is no certainty that the program was tested before published by the authors of the site.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Android: first acquaintance with the application

First of all – a small clarification about the name of this mobile anti-virus application. The full name of the anti-virus package is Kaspersky Internet Security. It is under this name that it can be downloaded on Google Play or on the official portal kaspersky.com, where almost all the editorial offices of the anti-virus complex are presented – for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Kaspersky for Android is quite simple to install and configure, and then we will tell and describe the whole process of adapting the antivirus on the phone with Android.

Where to download Kaspersky for Android for free

I can advise the easiest way, where to download Kaspersky Anti-Virus on Android – for a tablet or other mobile device. Kaspersky Internet Security is also available, of course, on the Goolge Play portal in the Russian edition, just follow the link:

Download Kaspersky for Android

How to get a license (activation code) for Kaspersky Mobile Security?

I can’t say anything about Kaspersky’s license and keys to it, I advise you only to download the application officially and pay for a license if you want, instead of looking for a crack to the Kaspersky antivirus and keys on torrents -. The official activation code of Kaspersky is available in the official store on the site kaspersky.com.

How to install Internet Security antivirus on the tablet

We are waiting for the Kaspersky installer to be downloaded to a phone or smartphone. As a rule, installation on an Android tablet is done automatically, like other applications. By the way, after installing Kaspersky IS, all downloaded applications can be scanned for viruses before they are launched – a very useful thing for antivirus tablet.

Kaspersky for Android: installing antivirus

Pre-configuration utility Kaspersky

Launch Kaspersky Anti-Virus application for Android. Kaspersky Internet Security offers to undergo pre-configuration. All parameters in Kaspersky are in Russian, so it will not be difficult to understand their purpose. So:

  • choose country of residence
  • select the license type of the Kaspersky utility. In the acquaintance mode, the antivirus is fully functional on the tablet and mobile phone, but some virus detection functions on Android will not be available.
  • You can always click the Continue button to speed up the process, but still we advise you carefully to choose antivirus settings, as for Mobile Security

How to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus on a tablet without a hitch

Run antivirus program on the phone, familiar with options

So, the antivirus for Android is ready to go. On the main screen we see several options:

  • Check
  • Update
  • More possibilities

Before starting the virus scan, you can observe that Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can quickly find vulnerabilities in real time and displays all problems on the tablet’s start screen. In my case, such a problem was found that can be seen in the screenshot.

How to quickly remove the virus from your Android phoneEnd of anti-virus scan

Phone scan for viruses, phone scan

Actually, we are moving to the main functions of Kaspersky antivirus. The utility has the following phone scanning options:

  • Quick check
  • Full check
  • Folder check

I advise you to do a full scan, it will not take long on the phone because of the small memory capacity of the device. However, if you store large amounts of information, for example, on an sd card, then the anti-virus scan may be delayed. Scanning a folder is useful if you need to quickly make sure that there is no malicious code in a certain place where you downloaded data from the Internet.

When performing the scan, all the current information of the Kaspersky utility will be displayed on the screen as it scans:

  • checkout time
  • the number of threats and scanned objects
  • real-time address checker

If a mobile virus is found on Android or Kaspersky finds a vulnerability, the antivirus will immediately receive a signal – here Kaspersky antivirus has everything like adult counterparts.

After completing the process of scanning the phone and/or sd card on Android, a message will be displayed: the full check is completed, the threat is neutralized. What does it mean? All viruses, potentially dangerous items will be quarantined, not completely removed, but they will not be harmful for the Android OS. Of course, if you do not go to restore the file by yourself, not being sure that it is safe.

Kaspersky antivirus settings on Android

Now we will look at the basic settings, options and parameters that allow you to customize the work of the antivirus on the phone. Immediately it should be noted that they are mainly responsible for the behaviour of Kaspersky, but in no way affect the performance – what can be called a disadvantage for any antivirus program on Android.

Block unwanted calls and SMS messages

In the advanced settings of Kaspersky, it is possible to set a filter for incoming calls and SMS. In essence, this is a firewall and blacklist in one. You can change the filtering mode (behaviour), set prohibited and allowed contacts. This add-on, in other words, allows you to set a block for unwanted subscribers, which is especially important in countries where SMS spamming and merchant small offices often abuse SMS.

Settings for blacklists and filters in KIS

The anti-theft function will protect against mobile theft

In contrast, for example, from 360 Total Security antivirus, Kaspersky includes several free add-ons. This function, in fact, unusual for antivirus, is very curious. How does she work? As soon as Kaspersky determines that the device is in the hands of an intruder, the following actions occur:

  • the siren turns on on the phone
  • all data is erased from the phone
  • the phone is blocked
  • a photo is taken of a thief or intruder of another kind of activity

In principle, you can not activate this option if you are not paranoid.

Anti-virus on Android supports the “Anti-theft”

Synchronization with My Kaspersky portal

When registering an antivirus and obtaining a license, as well as going into the Kaspersky settings, you can create a user account for free on the official website of the antivirus. It gives you the following buns:

  • Remote use of the Anti-theft function
  • Remote control of the antivirus installed on the phone
  • The ability to access interesting services on the portal

Again, this add-on, which can be called optional, is not included in the local KIS kernel.

KIS Antivirus Settings


In the settings of the antivirus (the Scanner section), you can activate the detection of malicious modules – which themselves are not similar to viruses, but stopping their activities will benefit the phone’s owner. Advertising, auto redial and others.


This is a kind of buffer zone in which viruses and infected files are placed. In my case, after scanning the phone and the Android OS, the antivirus had to climb into this section and remove from the quarantine a completely harmless application for getting root rights – Framaroot.

Additional application parameters

Notifications, sounds, reports. Add a license to get the full version of KIS.

Mobile Security section settings

Features of the licensed version of Kaspersky

Although you can download antivirus for a tablet for free on a tablet, the following interesting functions for protecting your mobile device will not be available to you without a license:

  • Permanent protection of the device (phone, tablet)
  • Web filter – protection while visiting sites, something like a firewall
  • Hiding personal and other confidential data – calls, SMS cannot be shown
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Android protects against phishing in SMS messages
  • Protection of downloaded applications and games from viruses in real time

Summary. As an antivirus for a tablet/smartphone, Kaspersky is an optimal product. According to the rating of free antiviruses, it is included in the top security applications for the mobile platform in Russian. Yes, this is not the only way to protect your device, but this is one of the applications that can certainly make a gentleman’s set. So we recommend downloading Kaspersky for Android – nobody will be worse off of it. Recommended antivirus for installation on your phone, if you have not yet found a way to remove the malicious virus from the phone.

Answers to readers’ questions

I updated Android on the phone Samsung A3. Before the upgrade, Kaspersky was installed with the purchased key. After the update, the key seems to have disappeared, since Antivirus program offers to expand its capabilities through the purchase of a license key. Is there a hypothetical opportunity to at least somehow find the license key for the antivirus?

The answer is . In short, you can restore the key to the Kaspersky product. If the key was purchased on a physical medium (for example, a disk), then together with it a document with an activation code is included. If the key to Kaspersky was purchased through an online store, ask the support service to send it again.

If you cannot restore the keys to the antivirus in this way, the last chance remains – write tech support to the kaspersky.com website and wait for further instructions from the official support service. But it is not possible to recover the key by the trial license number.

I bought a tablet, there was already Kaspersky. I checked everything and entered the activation code, but the databases are not updated, everything is fine with the date on the tablet. If you delete and reinstall, will the Kaspersky activation code get caught?

The answer is . The key for Kaspersky on Android will work after reinstalling the antivirus. Another issue is updating the anti-virus databases. Most likely, your version of Kaspersky is outdated, and you need to update the application via Google Play.

As mentioned above, in case of problems, you can also contact the support service on the site kaspersky.com. Given that you have the activation code, there should be no problems at all.


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