The importance of an operating system depends not only on how it works, but also on the. your application ecosystem. Android currently has about 3 million Play Store apps available to all users who want to install them on their smartphones.

If you’re new to Android or want to take a look at the essentials, stay with us. Today we will look at s applications that all users must have installed on their mobile devices.

The essential apps for your smartphone

Instant Messaging

One of the main functions of our phones is to communicate with friends, family, people at work … There are currently two queen applications for instant messaging, Telegram and WhatsApp . Both are similar, WhatsApp is the most widely used, although Telegram is much more complete.

Two items essentials on any phone, totally free and with a fairly high frequency of updates. If you want to try Telegram you will have a more complete experience, you can try the Telegram X with better design, animations, and features.


Managing our tasks with the phone is part of everyday life for many users and this is where we find really useful applications. First of all, we find Google Keep , the notes application of Google synced with G account so you can continue your work on your PC, tablet or any other platform.

If we want take notes more seriously, we recommend the Evernote , application which lets you create notes in a more advanced way , add documents, modify the text font, add reminders … and with an interface that is more reminiscent of a productivity calendar.

To manage our email, we recommend Gmail , Google’s native email application . We can enter virtually all types of accounts – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, institutional … – The organization of the application is clear, the push notification system is just perfect, almost without consuming battery , and with an about renewed interface with Android 9.

Productivity is also in automating time-consuming tasks and nothing better than IFTTT for that. This application lets you automate virtually any task from our device, through comfortable recipes we can configure the taste.


There are many manufacturers that include their own keyboard. This can be useful and have a user-friendly interface, although we have our preferences. The Google keyboard is listed because it consumes a derisory amount in energy and resources, compatibility with GIFs, stickers, customizable themes.

If the simplicity of Gboard doesn’t convince the user, we still have the Swiftkey a heavier, fuller keyboard that focuses on customization and forecasting. More than 100 million downloads and even some OEMs have agreements to incorporate it as a native keyboard.

Cloud Storage

Gone are the days when we had to pass photos to a microSD card, or connect the cable to the smartphone to store on the PC. Currently, thanks to Google Photos All Our photos are automatically saved to the cloud. Quality loss is minimal and storage is unlimited so you can store everything you need.

On the other hand we have services like Google Drive , Dropbox the Mega , services to store our files on cloud free , with certain GB limitations, but with very cost-effective storage expansion plans.


There are many users who ask about which camera apps are best for Android, and our recommendation is that there are no in the Play Store. The only application that really improves camera quality is Google Pixel GCam , APK that can only be found on XDA, and which according to each terminal requires a specific installation method.

Terminal cameras now come with custom modes that are optimized for them, and although a third-party application may give you more control, it is difficult to process images better. Google’s camera adds portrait mode even if the user has only one camera, and postprocessing usually improves if want to improve your camera results, try it.


Although current terminals generally have their own time applications, the user may use third parties to expand the information. Accuweather is one of the classics among Android classics, with many customizable widgets and accurate weather information.

1Weather is another one of our favorites with an extremely careful interface and accurate predictions.

File Manager

Finally, let’s talk about file management on Android. Source applications are often very limited, so we have a few suggestions: Solid Explorer , STAR and FX File Explorer are some of our recommendations; simple, free and with access to all folders of the device.


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