Memorado is a gym for the mind that allows you to improve the skills of the brain

Memorado is an application that improves memory, concentration and reaction skills through fun and personalized workouts.

The app provides over 450 levels that are divided into 15 games based on neuroscience and designed to train 5 key areas of the brain: Memory, Logic, Concentration, Reaction, and Speed.

The application offers the ability to customize daily workouts, challenge friends in 1 on 1 mode, track and compare progress, observe statistics to find out their strengths and potential for improvement.

Sharp Brain Calm Mind

The Premium version allows for an average improvement of 74% faster and includes personalized workouts updated on a daily basis and optimized to guarantee maximum benefits throughout the period of membership, and also guarantees unlimited access to all games, tests, and statistics.

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Memorado is available for Android for free with optional in-app purchases to subscribe to the Premium version and asks for permissions to access information on the Wi-Fi connection. 

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