Netflix is ​​currently offering the broadcast of the first episode of the Bard of Blood series. It is the first original Netflix series made in India and was launched at the same time as the company announced a $ 3 exclusive mobile plan in the country.

Earlier this month the platform aired a free episode from the Elite series. However, this transmission was limited to Mexico and Colombia. Importantly, these offers apply to non-subscribers, an obvious incentive to subscribe to Netflix.

Bard of Blood is a potential spy series

The Indian film industry (Bollywood) is famous for producing more films than the United States of America (Hollywood). However, there are a lot of low quality productions, giving rise to jokes and memes on the internet.

However, Bard of Blood has all the cinematography and presentation of an American series. The series tells the story of a former Indian intelligence agent who is hired back to save 4 abducted agents in Pakistan. The series will surely feature a lot of action and drama. See the trailer.

This is Netflix’s move to fight competition

These changes that Netflix is ​​making to its business model reflect the appearance of competition in the content subscription market. Disney and Apple TV services have recently appeared on the market, jeopardizing Netflix’s supremacy as users’ choice services.

In addition, Netflix plans to make this a habit as it claims to broadcast for free. other movies and series in the future. If they start offering 1 or 2 episodes and the occasional movie to new subscribers, it can be an incentive and advantage over services.

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