Samsung has finally relaunched its folding smartphone after several months of postponement. The new Galaxy Fold has reached the first users this week, and it seems to be already having problems.

Galaxy Fold was expected to hit the market in April, but the postponement was forced by several problems in the screen revealed in reviews. Tech Crunch’s Brian Heater was one of the lucky ones who didn’t see his first unit damaged. However, this time was not so lucky.

The spot is visible in the center of the screen. Credit: Tech Crunch

Screen resisted without damage only 27 hours

The new Galaxy Fold was with the journalist just ago 27 hours when he took it out of his pocket. It was when he opened the device that he noticed a very pronounced blur in the center of the screen.

As the source reveals, this is not a very large blur. Compared to the initial problems of the device, it is a drop in the ocean. But as with the journalist, an average user would not like to pay almost 2000 euros and after 27 hours of screen in this state.

This unit has not fallen or suffered any accidental damage, according to Heater. The journalist’s opinion is that the pressure on the panel to close the device may well have been the cause of the problem.

Samsung has already collected this unit, and will try to figure out what went wrong. bad. According to the mark this is the type of problem that can be considered normal use, and in similar cases no charge should be charged to solve the problem.

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